Oxford lecturer accuses female students of dressing like ‘hookers’

The former lecturer has now removed the tweets

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An Oxford academic said female students on campus dressed like “hookers” at black tie university events.

Dr Morris, a former lecturer at St Hilda’s college, also tweeted “women shouldn’t wear tight dresses if they have tummies”, according to The Oxford Student.

Students have called Dr Morris’s comments “sexist and inappropriate”. One student said: “You want to be taught, not ogled”.

The comments were made on Twitter amidst a discussion with an Oxford researcher about black tie events at the university lacking tradition.

He wrote: “It seems people these days have no idea what it means – men turning up in lounge suits, women turned up dressed like hookers. Yes, I’m old”.

He also called transgender people “the genders of flake”.

Dr Morris has since removed the posts, and deleted his Facebook account.

The former lecturer previously made other controversial claims, including saying “Boris was right” when the PM said Muslim women in face-covering burkas look like “letterboxes”.

An Oxford University spokesman stressed the university was “committed to fostering an inclusive culture which promotes equality”.

He continued: “Dr Morris is not an Oxford University or college academic” anymore, stressing how he now “delivers computer programming training with the IT services department two to three days a term”.

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