Ranked: The Oxbridge colleges admitting the most private school kids

At some colleges over 50 per cent of students came from private schools

An Oxbridge College League table published by The Telegraph has revealed the percentage of students at each college who came from private schools.

The number of students who came from a private school background varies between colleges. The highest percentage of private school students being 52 per cent and the lowest proportion being 10 per cent.

The colleges taking the highest proportion of students from private schools include Trinity College Oxford (52 per cent), Keeble College Oxford (52 per cent) and Robinson College Cambridge (50 per cent).

The college with the lowest proportion of private school students was Mansfield College, Oxford. Out of their population of 452 students, only 10 per cent had been to private school.

The Oxford colleges with the highest percentage of private school students

The Cambridge colleges with the highest percentage of private school students

A spokesperson from Trinity College Oxford told The Tab: “We recognise that we are not yet where we want to be as a college in terms of our UK intake, however, as our most recent yearly admissions figures show, we are moving in the right direction.

“The college made a point of stating that ‘in the 2019 intake, over 57 per cent of offers of places at Trinity College were made to state-educated students.”

The college has said it has been particularly targeting state schools in the Northeast of England and Oxfordshire.

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