Quiz: What percentage ? are you?

You know what I mean

The ? emoji is the only emoji worth using. Very accurately defined by Emojipedia as “zany face” (alternative names are “crazy eyes” and “wild”) but even better defined by making the face in person, this emoji is the biggest mood of 2019. Nothing is as expressive or relatable as this small little yellow face. Sending it to your mates makes you feel a strange surge of joy and zany energy. Every other emoji pales in comparison.

If you’re a reasonable functioning human with an emoji keyboard, this emoji has taken over your life. But some people suit ? more than others. Some people radiate pure ? energy in everything they do, in every facet of their lives. It doesn’t need to be explained, you know exactly what ? means.

It’s the personality test to beat all other personality tests. Take this quiz to find out what percentage ? you are.