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Freshers’ Clubbers of the Week will make you remember your first beer

In the words of Beyoncé: fresher than yooou

Up and down the nation you’ve been going hard and we couldn’t be prouder. Freshers’ Week may be behind us now, but the memories of the debauchery remain etched in our minds forever.

Keep scrolling to see if you’ve made it, and don’t forget to tag your mum if you have.

What’s your favourite renaissance painting? Ours is this one by Leonardo da VK

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Somebody call Italy, we have a new piece for the Sistine Chapel

When she says she’s just looking for her lobster

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The only blowing action he’ll be seeing tonight

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Marching your paralytic mate to the toilet so she can taccy c and you can continue to enjoy your night

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Julia, I swear to GOD if you ruin tonight for me

When he said he was excited for a night out with you but his lips have spent more time on the neck of a VK bottle than they have on you

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Leaving the club with that guy you’re “so totally oveeer”

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“He said he’d make me pancakes in the morning!”

Put your hands in the air if it’s only the second day of the semester and you’re already six weeks behind

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Help me

*ring ring* “Hi mum, yes my student loan has been paid into my savings, no I am not drinking too much, love you, bye”

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“…and THEN he told Georgie that he thinks SHE’S the one, but we’ve been dating for three months”

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Watching your boyfriend strawpedo his tenth VK of the night knowing he’s the one

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When your parents spent over three grand on your orthodontic treatment so you gotta make the most of it

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Wow, don’t mess with this boi

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Gang gang gang