Revealed: The universities who have the most staff earning over £100k

So that’s where student loan goes

An average of 3,615 staff at British uni's are earning over £100k per year, according to new figures.

The University of Edinburgh had the most high earners, with 335 staff receiving over £100,000 per year, and 118 of these receiving over £150,000.

Close behind them, 331 staff members from The University of Manchester were also amongst those earning big cash.

See where your uni ranks:

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Oxford and Cambridge did not provide the information required so were excluded from the data

Across 120 universities included in the survey by the TaxPayers' Alliance, Russell Group universities were shown to have much higher numbers of highly paid staff than other university groups and unaffiliated universities.

Staff from Russell Group unis averaged at 185 members earning over £100,000, and 63 over £150,000.

Kieran Neild from TaxPayers' Alliance says universities deserve more scrutiny about how much their staff are being paid: "The rankings shine a light on the thousands of university administrators taking home very plush pay packets.

"Taxpayers and students will be left with a degree of uncertainty over whether this is money is being well spent."

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Staff at the University of Manchester are the second highest earners in the UK (Credit: David DixonCreative Commons Licence)

In correlation with the results, universities with more staff paid over £100,000 are said to do better in student satisfaction surveys, however no correlation exists for those with earners over £150,000.

Conversely, there is no clear correlation between universities with more high paid staff and employment rates post-graduation.

Kieran says these figures should encourage students to press for the best value from their tuition fees, as well as help taxpayers hold universities to account for the money they are spending.

He commented: "Instead of constantly complaining about faculty budget cuts, uni bosses need to get their bumper wage bills under control and focus on providing their students with the very best higher education they can."

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