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My boyfriend keeps pestering me to do anal, should I break up with him?

‘He even bought a purple butt plug to entice me’

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My boyfriend is obsessed with doing anal and I’m just not keen. He pesters me about it all the time. He even bought a purple butt plug and lube to entice me. I don’t want a silicon tube up my ass, let alone a dick. How to do I get it across I’m seriously not interested with the idea of doing anal? It's driving me insane. Should I break up with him if he doesn't understand where I'm coming from?

Only you will know what you're comfortable with during sex. And if you don't want to do anal, you don't want to do anal. Why you don't want to do it may be something you want to explore further in your own time, but you definitely shouldn't feel guilty for not wanting to do it and your boyfriend should respect your boundaries.

Don't worry about hurting his feelings because your body = your choice. You need to talk to him and ask him why he won't stop pushing you when you said no quite plainly. You have, haven't you? Your boyfriend needs to learn that no means no. And if he doesn't? Chuck him.

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