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Bill Murray turned up to a student house party and started singing

He was knocking back the pink gins, apparently

A bunch of students managed to get Bill Murray back to their afters and sing a song with him.

Glasgow fourth year Hugh Kelly got the Garfield: The Movie star back after having a few drinks with him at a gig.

"I ended up playing a gig up in St. Andrews, where Bill Murray turned up at," Hugh told The Tab.

"He started drinking with us and we managed to get him back to our afters. Just before the police shut the party down, him and I sang a tune together."

Here's the video of them singing Scottish folk song Loch Lomond together. Rum and coke in hand, Bill gets a bit shouty, but holds the tune well. It'll warm your heart.

Bill's in St Andrews for the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship. Hugh, a singer, regularly gigs there. Towering head and shoulder above the other celebs, Bill was the star attraction at a party after the tournament.

One thing lead to another, and they convinced Bill to come to a party they were having in a flat, and brought some speakers back.

"He's nearly 70, and he's just there getting hammered with us," Hugh told The Tab.

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Bill was apparently "knocking back the pink gins", his drink of choice, but mostly sat chatting in the corner. "He wasn't giving much back," when Hugh tried chatting to him.

Hugh, knowing Bill is a fan of Scottish folk music, had a plan.

The Glasgow student, a singer on Instagram as @hughkellymusic, started playing Loch Lomond. "From the corner of the party, he came straight to the microphone and started singing," Hugh told The Tab.

"It went silent and we just jammed away for a bit."

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Afterwards, Bill went up to Hugh, bumped his fist, and dispensed some advice. Bill's morning routine when he was young, Hugh says, was to look in the mirror, stare, point, and say "You're Bill Murray."

"He said, 'what's your second name?' and does the exact same routine again," Hugh told The Tab. "He looks in the mirror and says 'you're Hugh Kelly'."

At one point, Bill asked Hugh to get him a beer. Hugh ran into the kitchen, but only returned with a sparkling water. "What the fuck are you doing," replied the Ghostbusters star. "We didn't speak after that."

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The 69-year-old Groundhog Day actor even put his gravitas to good use when police came to shut the party down at the end of the night. "Bill stood up and just stared at them, and then the police were just like 'oh sorry guys, just keep it down a bit. Have a good night'," says Hugh.

Afterwards, Bill told the party: "I don't fear the police, but I do respect their power".

Hugh describes Bill, unsurprisingly, as an "odd guy, but lovely."

Old Bill is having an eventful time in Scotland. He was involved in a car crash between four vehicles last week, but thankfully not in the car. Afterwards, he was spotted with a bandage around his hand.

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