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I lived my week like a StudyTuber and honestly, I’m exhausted

How do they do it?

StudyTube is the community of YouTubers that upload videos revolving around the world of education. 'How to plan your revision', 'Organising your pencil case' and 15 hour 'Study with me' videos are just some examples of the videos uploaded by the likes of Ruby Granger, Jack Edwards and Eve Cornwell.

The academic success and overall achievements of StudyTubers is desirable, and they show the hard work they put in to achieve such goals on their channels. Somehow, filming yourself revising can bring in a living income and bag some huge sponsorship deals. I am not joking. Ruby Granger vlogged herself sitting an exam on her birthday, and this was worthy of 72k views. That is insane.

Alike to much of their audience, I decided to binge the vlogs and productive morning videos as research into their lifestyles. If I were to follow their routines, I would be guaranteed to graduate with a first, and a Nike brand deal behind me, surely?

For one week, I became a full on StudyTuber. I set up my own channel, found a suitable camera for recording, banished my family from all recording spaces and decided to take on the highs and lows of the StudyTube life. From the exciting IKEA hauls, to the very mundane 'What's in my pencil case?', I was leading the life of a successful StudyTuber. Welcome to my channel. Make sure to like and subscribe!


On my first day as a self-proclaimed StudyTuber, I decided to take on one of Ruby Granger's highly anticipated videos – 'What's in my Pencil Case'. Ruby uploads these videos annually, ready to advise her study enthusiastic audience of what stationary to buy for the new academic year.

As I explain at the start of the video, I felt quite vulnerable whilst recording this video. It could have been due to the new StudyTube persona I was suddenly introducing to the world, but I believe it was because I had never thought to share the insides of my pencil case before. What would people think of my highlighters and blunt pencils?

There was also a huge part of me internally which I have named the 'Study Scrooge'. I was recording myself talking about my pens and pencils to upload to YouTube where the world would see. I couldn't believe that people would care, but Granger's near 43k views on her video said otherwise.


The productive morning routine was one I knew I would have to attack early doors. Ruby Granger's 'Extremely Productive' 6am starts were not something I was looking forward to. My first year at University showed me that the only time I should see 6am is after a night-out.

I took a lot of inspiration from Granger in this video, but I am so unhappy about the comparison in length of our videos. Do I really have to record myself brushing my teeth to make this video over a minute long? I woke up, got out of bed, made it. In Granger style, I did some morning stretches, which in hindsight had absolutely no influence over my day, and recording myself making my crucial cup of tea in the morning. Where is my money?

The productivity of my early morning was rewarding. It was a good feeling to have already ticked off a few things on my to-do list before midday. It taught me that maybe I should get up earlier to study. Probably not 6am though.


The 'Study with me' video. Across the StudyTube community, these videos can rake in up to 3.3 million views. I'm talking big money.

So, I found a space for my highlighters and Yankee Candle and got to it. I edited and studied for two hours, although my time-lapse content seems to put across that it was barely 10 minutes. I feel cheated.

I also found that recording yourself whilst studying is a huge distraction. Never before did I notice how bad my bad habits really are until I watched this video back. I really do bite my nails. Also, how on earth do these StudyTuber's set up their cameras to record themselves? I could hardly fit in the frame.


This video was my favourite part of the StudyTuber lifestyle. But then again, isn't going to IKEA everyone's favourite part of any lifestyle?

Vlogging in public was new for me. But, there's something about IKEA that made me feel that nobody at all was judging me, it really is magical like that.

The haul feels underwhelming. I didn't feel qualified to truly explain to my imagined audience the benefits to buying cushions and mattress-protectors. That is something StudyTubers really are good at.


By day five, this lifestyle was too much for me. I was exhausted so there is no day five, but whatever.

It is incredibly hard to be a StudyTuber around a part-time job. I had to slot in filming around shifts, and during my 'study with me' my friend came over to go out for drinks and I had to let her watch the whole thing live.

I am definitely envious of the financial side of the StudyTuber lifestyle, I've thought about filming myself organising my folders or typing up an essay just to try and crawl out of my overdraft.

But really, I won't be rushing back to re-organise my pencil case any time soon, the commitment to productivity and getting shit done StudyTuber's promote is great. Try it yourself, see if you can last longer than I did.

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