Greggs are doing meal deals for DINNER

Or tea, whatever you call it

Greggs is introducing a new £4 evening meal deal from Saturday.

As part of the new meal deal you can get a hot dinner main, potato wedges, and a drink after 4pm.

If you're feeling stingy, Greggs are offering a slice of pizza and a drink for £2.

Stores are being fitted out with new counters, which are open until 9pm.

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This is the evening meal deal menu:

Southern Fried Potato Wedges – Wedges with a "southern fried style" seasoning (from £1)

Southern Fried Chicken Goujons – Chicken breast coated in "lightly spiced southern fried style" breadcrumbs (from £2.75)

Spicy BBQ Chicken Bites – Coated chicken breast pieces with Heinz Barbecue sauce (from £1.50)

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Hot sandwiches are also part of the meal deal.

Greggs are also introducing more breakfast options. £2 will buy a breakfast box of beans, a cheese omelette, sausages and mini hash browns. £1.90 buys you a veggie version without the sausages, whilst £1.75 means you – yes you – can acquire creamy porridge.

"The menu aims to satisfy those on-the-go at dinnertime, looking for value, convenience and of course, great taste," Greggs said.

The new counters are launching in 500 stores this Saturday, about a quarter of the total Greggs in the country. You can check if your closest branch will have the menu here.

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