These are the most expensive student areas in the UK

Please don’t take my money

Ever struggled to find a semi-decent student house for you and your mates that won't cost you your entire student loan plus all the money you worked your arse off to earn during summer? It's near impossible.

Every student city has this issue. But some student areas are more spenny than others. We've ranked the most expensive student areas for each city, using information from Rightmove and actual students currently living there.

No spoilers but if you live in Edinburgh you might as well just kiss goodbye to your student loan.

1. Cardiff – Cathays

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Omg is that a dishwasher behind the chair

Highest monthly rent price: £400

Coming in last place is the most affordable of the bunch, Cardiff. Within Cardiff, Cathays is the most expensive student location for houses, with the rent on average costing between £320-£360 per month not including bills. The lowest is between £280-£300.

The highest average rent price for the more expensive properties is £400 or more. This is still incredibly decent considering it's the most expensive student area in the city. Gotta love Welsh rent prices.

2. Warwick – North Leamington

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So much room for activities

Highest monthly rent price: £500

Leamington Spa is by far the most expensive area to live in if you go to Warwick. The North side of the town is seemingly a bit more pricey than the South, but not by much.

The average rent price is £380-£500 per month excluding bills. The highest on average is £500 for the nicer houses, anything above that is probably private student accommodation.

3. Nottingham – Lenton

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Look at that brickwork. Can't wait to look at it while I throw up in the sink

Highest monthly rent price: £520

Lenton proved to be the most unaffordable student area of Notts with rent prices averaging between £320-£420 per month excluding bills.

The average lowest rent price is £300 per month and the highest is £520 per month both excluding bills. This doesn't seem too bad until you remember the cost of bills. Oh, and the cost of living. That pesky thing.

4. Oxford Brookes – Cowley Road

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Pls say it comes with the beer garden bench

Highest monthly rent price: £550

Cowley Road is well known as the most expensive student area in Oxford so it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that we discovered this too. The average rent price is £530 a month, with the highest monthly rent pride being £550.

The lowest average rent price per week has a blessed few paying just over £400 per month. That's £100 a week. Amazing.

5. Bristol – Clifton

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Tbf this is a solid gaff

Highest monthly rent price: £600

Bristol is up next with some very fancy student areas on show. Redland and Clifton are both the expensive student areas with Clifton being slightly more posh and outrageously expensive. That means no leaving your cigarette butts in the street.

The average rent price of both areas is £520 per month not including bills. The highest average rent per month is £600 and over. Per MONTH. I shit you not.

6. Manchester – Fallowfield

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A mansion

Highest monthly rent price: £600

Fallowfield is the well known student area of Manchester. Rent prices are between £280-£520 a month which, compared to others on this list, doesn't seem so bad.

There are a rare few expensive properties that go above £600, but thankfully the more expensive ones generally tend to include bills within the rent price. What a relief.

7. Sussex – City Centre

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Highest monthly rent price: £640

Sussex is notoriously expensive everywhere. However, we noticed that the further you go into town, the more expensive the houses are.

Lewes Road is a popular student area but has an average rent of £500-£510 not including bills. Don't be fooled though, it's not just this road – these are the average rent prices of most Sussex areas. And sometimes it's worse.

The highest average rent price is £640 per month also not including bills. Would much rather live in a beach hut, honestly.

8. Liverpool – Smithdown Road

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You know it's pricey if it has a breakfast bar

Highest monthly rent price: £800

Smithtown Road is the popular yet notoriously expensive student area of Liverpool, mainly because of the huge Asda located on the street. The average rent price per month is between £300-£400. In many cases, the bills are included in the rent. Love that from you, Liverpool.

The more expensive houses within the area are around £600-£800 per month with the lowest rent prices being between £250-£350 per month.

9. Newcastle – Jesmond

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Highest monthly rent price: £1,000

Jesmond is an area just North of the city centre and proved to be a bit more posh and expensive than other areas of Newcastle. The average rent price per month is around £480-£600 not including bills.

The highest is between £800-£1,000 per month and the lowest is roughly around £280-£400. Surprisingly not too bad if you plan on staying home and revising for the whole year.

10. Edinburgh

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Leather seats?!?! You've got to be kidding me.

Highest monthly rent price: £2,000

The least affordable student area of them all, New Town in Edinburgh came out on top with a staggering average of between £650-£700 per month. RIP Edinburgh students, we really feel for you.

The lowest average rent price is £500-£650 per month. To Edinburgh students I bet this is an absolute bargain. In New Town you would struggle to find a four bedroom house for less than £1,800-£2,000. Not including bills.

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