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These are the top 100 influencers in the UK, according to The Sunday Times

Where are the Love Islanders at?

The Sunday Times has released a list of their Top 100 influencers and the wildest twist is that it doesn't have ANY reality stars on it. At all. It's made up of mainly YouTubers.

No Love Island or TOWIE stars made the cut, despite many of them having gone on to become social media influencers. Justice for Megan Barton-Hanson.

Let's be honest, it's a pretty weird mix of people but here is the full list as follows:

1: Felix Kjellberg

YouTube Channel: PewDiePie

Subscribers: 101, 039, 359

What they do: Gaming

2: Olajide William Olatunji

YouTube Channel: KSIOlajidebtHD

Subscribers: 7,395,610

What they do: Gaming/ music

3: Craig Thompson

YouTube Channel: MiniLadd

Subscribers: 5,743,326

What they do: Gaming

4: Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch

YouTube Channel: F2Freestylers Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel


What they do: Football

5: Saffron Barker

YouTube Channel: Saffron Barker

Subscribers: 2,187,330

What they do: Lifestyle

6: Joe Sugg

YouTube Channel: ThatcherJoeVlogs

Subscribers: 3,662,907

What they do: Entertainment

7: Chelsea Clarke

YouTube Channel: CC Clarke Beauty

Subscribers: 244,894

What they do: Beauty

8: Callum Leighton Airey

YouTube Channel: Calfreezy

Subscribers: 3,146,776

What they do: Gaming

9: Joshua Bradley

YouTube Channel: Zerkaa Plays

Subscribers: 2,102,975

What they do: Gaming

10: Colin Furze

YouTube Channel: colinfurze

Subscribers: 8,427,123

What they do: Entertainment

11: Alastair Alken

YouTube Channel: Ali-A

Subscribers: 16,520,959

What they do: Gaming

12: Patricia Bright

YouTube Channel: Patricia Bright

Subscribers: 2,804,914

What they do: Beauty

13: The Saccone Jolys


Subscribers: 1,903,313

What they do: Family

14: Theo Baker

YouTube Channel: Theo Baker

Subscribers: 824,247

What they do: Football

15: Emmanuel John Brown

YouTube Channel: Manny

Subscribers: 1,557,521

What they do: Football

16: Jordan Lipscombe

YouTube Channel: Jordan Lipscombe

Subscribers: 1,734,130

What they do: Beauty

17: Holly Boon

YouTube Channel: Holly Boon

Subscribers: 675,374

What they do: Beauty

18: Gaz Oakley

YouTube Channel: aventgardenvegan

Subscribers: 703,540

What they do: Food

19: Ling Khac Tang

YouTube Channel: ling kt

Subscribers; 300,997

What they do: Beauty

20: Amelia Liana Sopher

YouTube Channel: Amelia Liana

Subscribers: 496,896

What they do: Lifestyle

21: Tamara Kalinic

YouTube Channel: Tamara Kalinic

Subscribers: 207,697

What they do: Beauty/Fashion

22: Safwan Ahmedmia

YouTube Channel: SuperSaf

Subscribers: 1,377,673

What they do: Technology

23: Estee Lalonde

YouTube Channels: Estee Lalonde

Subscribers: 1,174,388

What they do: Lifestyle

24: Sarah Turner

YouTube Channel: theunmumsymum

Subscribers: 885

What they do: Parenting

25: The Ingham Family

YouTube Channel: The Ingham Family

Subscribers: 1,262,249

What they do: Parenting

26: Grace Beverly

YouTube Channel: Grace Beverly

Subscribers: 566,783

What they do: Fitness

27: Lydia Millen

YouTube Channel: Lydia Elise Millen

Subscribers: 757,479

What they do: Beauty/ Fashion

28: Michael Daapah

YouTube Channel: Michael Daapah

Subscribers: 1,536,726

What they do: Comedy

29: Freddy Cousin- Brown

YouTube Channel: Freddy My Love

Subscribers: 994,986

What they do: Beauty/ Fashion

30: Anna Newton

YouTube Channel: The Anna Edit

Subscribers: 483,456

What they do: Lifestyle

31: Ethan Payne

YouTube Channel: Behzinga

Subscribers: 3,219,995

What they do: Football

32: Thuy Lee

YouTube Channel: xThuyLe

Subscribers: 374,988

What they do: Beauty

33: Simon Hooper

YouTube Channel: father_of_daughters

Subscribers: 1,308

What they do: Parenting

34: Anthony Middleton

YouTube Channels: antmiddleton

Subscribers: 5,553

What they do: Adventure

35: Laila Swann

YouTube Channel: Laila Loves

Subscribers: 1,154,176

What they do: Beauty/ Fashion

36: Nile Wilson

YouTube Channel: Nile Wilson

Subscribers: 1,270,904

What they do: Sport

37: Sam Chapman and Nicola Chapman Haste

YouTube Chanel- Sam and Nic Chapman

Subscribers- 2,166,678

What they do- Beauty

38: Tobi Brown

YouTube Channel: TBJZL

Subscribers; 3,457,217

What they do: Football

39: Jamie Genevieve

YouTube Channel: Jamie Genevieve

Subscribers: 813,365

What they do: Beauty

40: Josh Pieters

YouTube Channel: Josh Pieters

Subscribers: 989,890

What they do: Entertainment

41: Dan Middleton

YouTube Channel: DanTDM

Subscribers: 22,108,136

What they do: Gaming

42: Victoria Magrath

YouTube Channel: Inthefrow

Subscribers: 622,557

What they do: Lifestyle

43: Carrie Hope Fletcher

YouTube Channel: Carrie Hope Fletcher

Subscribers: 652,545

What they do: Entertainment

44: James William Walker

YouTube Channel: Mr JWW

Subscribers: 480,334

What they do: Cars

45: Adnan Ebrahim

YouTube Channel: Car Throttle

Subscribers: 2,563,648

What they do: Cars

46: The Michalaks

YouTube Channel: The Michalaks

Subscribers: 278,327

What they do: Lifestyle

47: Phil Lester

YouTube Channel: AmazingPhil

Subscribers: 4,221,202

What they do: Entertainment

48: Yasmin Uddin

YouTube Channel: Yammy

Subscribers: 2,139,523

What they do: Gaming

49: Carly Rowena

YouTube Channel: Carly Rowena

Subscribers: 427,720

What they do: Lifestyle

50: Sam Fane

YouTube Channel: Seen Through Glass

Subscribers: 438,752

What they do: Cars

51: Shantania Beckford

YouTube Channel: Shantania Beckford

Subscribers: 319,363

What they do: Beauty/ Fashion

52: Georgia Rankin

YouTube Channel: MakeupJunkie G

Subscribers: 667,453

What they do: Beauty/ Fashion

53: Zoe Sugg

YouTube Channel: Zoella

Subscribers: 11,681,848

What they do: Lifestyle

54: Melanie Murphy

YouTube Channel: Melanie Murphy

Subscribers: 608,592

What they do: Beauty/ Fashion

55: Lorna Andrews

Instagram: lornaluxe

Followers: 850, 432

What they do: Fashion

56: Hannah Witton

YouTube Channel: Hannah Witton

Subscribers: 582,850

What they do: Sex and Relationships

57: Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton

YouTube Channel: Rose and Rosie

Subscribers: 881,489

What they do: Gaming/ Lifestyle

58: Lily Pebbles

YouTube Channel: Lily Pebbles

Subscribers: 493,150

What they do: Fashion

59: Louise Pentland

YouTube Channel: Louise Pentland

Subscribers: 2,424,796

What they do: Lifestyle

60: Joe Wicks

YouTube Channel: thebodycoach

Subscribers: 738,986

What they do: Fitness/ Lifestyle

61: Emma Hill

YouTube Channel: Emma Hill

Subscribers: 213,748

What they do: Fashion

62: Scott Major

YouTube Channel: dangthatsalongname

Subscribers: 628,894

What they do: Gaming

63: Mark Hoyle

YouTube Channel: LadBaby

Subscribers: 679,027

What they do: Parenting

64: Dodie Clarke

YouTube Channel: doodleoodle

Subscribers: 1,862,624

What they do: Music/ Lifestyle

65: Shaquille Keith, Dexter Black, Elias Riadi and Danny Lomas

YouTube Channel: PAQ

Subscribers: 713,984

What they do: Fashion

66: Giovanna Fletcher

YouTube Channel: Giovanna Fletcher

Subscribers: 189,131

What they do: Lifestyle

67: Megan Jayne Crebba

YouTube Channel: bodyposipanda

Subscribers: 25,723

What they do: Body positive

68: Elijah Quashie

YouTube Channel: Chicken Connoisseur

Subscribers: 693,871

What they do: Food

69: Nellie Robert

YouTube Channel: Vinty Nellie

Subscribers: 416,108

What they do: Beauty/ Fashion

70: Kaushal Modha

YouTube Channel: Kaushal Beauty

Subscribers: 2,198,587

What they do: Beauty

71: Brittany Bathgate

YouTube Channel: Brittany Bathgate

Subscribers: 9,180

What they do: Fashion

72: Emily Norris

YouTube Channel- Emily Norris

Subscribers- 472,345

What they do- Parenting

73: Alice Naylor- Leyland

Instagram Accoun: Mrs Alice

Followers: 110,168

What they do: Lifestyle

74: Darren, Georgie, Mia, Sienna and Karma Fizz

YouTube Channel: Family Fizz

Subscribers: 2,084,184

What they do: Lifestyle

75: Dina Torkio

YouTube Channel: Dina Torkio

Subscribers: 809,515

What they do: Lifestyle

76: Sherlina Nyame

YouTube Channel: Sherlinanym

Subscribers: 225,143

What they do: Beauty/ Fashion

77: Amelia Dimoldenberg

YouTube Channel: Chickenshopdate

Subscribers: 275,455

What they do: Fashion

78: Kofi McCalla

YouTube Channel: The Unknown Vlogs

Subscribers: 558,717

What they do: Fashion

79: Lizzy Hadfield

YouTube Channel: shotfromthestreet

Subscribers: 139,599

What they do: Fashion

80: Zanna van Dijk

YouTube Channel: Zanna van Dijk

Subscribers: 72,410

What they do: Fitness

81: Anastasia Kingsnorth

YouTube Channel: Anastasia Kingsnorth

Subscribers: 941,411

What they do: Lifestyle

82: Chidera Eggerue

YouTube Channel: The Slumflower

Subscribers: 5,731

What they do: Feminism

83: Theo Thomas

YouTube Channel: Black Panthaa

Subscribers: 891,093

What they do:- Cars/ Gaming

84: Clemmie Hooper

Instagram Account: mother_of_daughters

Followers: 663,764

What they do: Parenting

85: Pandora Sykes

Instagram Account: pandorasykes

Followers: 291,620

What they do: Fashion

86: Nadiya Hussain

Instagram Account: nadiyahussain

Followers: 327,656

What they do: Food

87: Fabulous Hannah

YouTube Channel: Fabulous Hannah

Subscribers: 382,795

What they do: Lifestyle

88: Jack Dean

YouTube Channel: JaackMaate

Subscribers: 1,124,722

What they do: Entertainment

89: Soph Does Nails

YouTube Channel: sophdoesnails

Subscribers: 946,630

What they do: Beauty

90: Caspar Lee

YouTube Channel: Caspar

Subscribers: 7,295,757

What they do: Entertainment

91: Samira Kazan

Instagram Account: alphafoodie

Followers: 791,463

What they do: Food

92: Ella Mills

YouTube Channel- deliciouslyella

Subscribers- 252,494

What they do- Food

93: Joel Mcloughlin

YouTube Channel- Gallucks

Subscribers- 120,357

What they do- Fashion

94: Sophia Rosemary Barrese

Instagram Account: sophia_rosemary

Followers: 197,544

What they do: Fashion

95: Erica Davies

Instagram Account: erica_davies

Followers: 139,880

What they do: Fashion/ interiors

96: Jack Morris

YouTube Channel: doyoutravel?

Subscribers: 127,280

What they do: Travel

97: Jo Rodgers

Instagram Account: jo_rodgers

Followers: 129,428

What they do: Lifestyle

98: Tess Daly

YouTube Channel: Tess Daly


What they do: Beauty

99: Chessie King

YouTube Channel: Chessie King

Subscribers: 7,665

What they do: Lifestyle

100: Dominique Davis

YouTube Channel: Allthatisshe

Subscribers: 2,095

What they do: Lifestyle

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