This is how old all of the Made In Chelsea cast members really are

I refuse to believe Liv is 24!!!

The new series of Made in Chelsea has hit our screens but they’re no longer the young, fit 21-year-olds you may remember. They’re more like the uni club promoters who never graduate. MIC has been on our screens since 2011 and some of the current members have been around for a whole eight years. But how old are the Made In Chelsea cast? We’ve created a list of all the Made In Chelsea ages:

Jamie Laing: Age 31

Jamie is arguably one of the biggest names to come out of MIC, joining the cast when he was just 22.

As well as his fame, he is also the heir to McVitie’s and owns his successful company Candy Kittens.

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James Taylor: Age 25

Joining the cast in 2014 it’s fair to say that James has had his fair share of Chelsea drama, including dating his former best friend’s ex – new cast member Maeva.

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Amelia Mist: Age 22

Born and bred Dorset girl Amelia is one of the newest faces in the cast. Amelia has been named the “Bridget Jones of Chelsea” and has stayed clear of drama so far.

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Digby Edgley: Age 26

Poor Digby has had constant drama with girlfriend Liv throughout his time in MIC over the past two years. Although there has been no news suggesting that Digby will be returning for season 18. Sigh.

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Sam Thompson: Age 27

Sam has returned to MIC after leaving at the end of season 16 due to his breakup with Habbs. In the newest season Sam brings his new girlfriend Zara into the cast. Very awks.

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Eliza Batten: Age 22

Durham student Eliza is one of the cast members to have dated James Taylor. Is there something in the water?

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Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo: Age 26

Joining at the age of 23, Habbs has graced our screens with great entertainment, including love triangles between her, and previous OG cast members Jamie Laing and Sam Thompson.

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Miles Nazaire: Age 24

Miles’s ex-girlfriend Maeva was introduced to the scene earlier this year in season 17, which spilt a fair bit of tea about this heart-throb.

But it seems season 18 will result in Miles watching ex-girlfriend develop a romance with his former best friend, James Taylor. Ouch.

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Liv Bentley: Age 24

Liv may have only joined in series 11 but has been a favourite of the public.

Having dated a majority of the cast as well as showcasing her parents MASSIVE house in episodes, the highlight of her appearance has been her up and down, but mostly down, love life with Digby.

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Harry Baron: Age 27

Ladies man Harry joined at the age of 25 in series 13, as Sam Thompson’s friend, but despite his flirty reputation in the two series he began dating and shortly introduced girlfriend Melissa into the Chelsea scene.

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Alex Mytton: Age 29

Mytton joined the cast seven years ago at the age of 22. He also has a career as a DJ on the side of his Chelsea life – very popular with SUs.

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Melissa Tattam: Age 21

She joined the cast in season 15 at the age of 20, following in the footsteps of boyfriend Harry Baron.

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Angus Findlay: Age 21

Angus joined the MIC cast at the beginning of this year, who is a student at Bournemouth University, and a model from London. He’s also previously dated popular MIC star, Georgia “Toff” Toffolo.

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Sophie Hermann: Age 32

Sophie first appeared on the show a few years ago in series nine before leaving to take a break in 2015.

She rejoined the show in 2017 and there is no debate that she is the sassiest member of MIC.

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Maeva D’Ascanio: Age 23

Maeva was a bombshell when she dropped into the cast last series. Having dated Miles for three years before she joined, she has caused enough drama on her own.

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Verity Bowditch: Age 25

Verity joined the show in season 17 after dating cast member James Taylor, who had no idea that she was joining the show until she walked in one day. Awks.

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Mark Francis Vandelli: Age 32

Mark has been in the cast since season one, which would have made him 23 when he joined! He is the longest serving cast member of MIC.

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Fredrik Ferrier: Age 31

This Icelandic god is the only other cast member to have been in the cast since season one. He has previously caught the attention of sass queen, Sophie Hermann.

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Rosi Mai Waldon: Age 24

Rosi is the fifth cast member in this article to have dated James Taylor. Shock!

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