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It’s here!!! Topshop is coming to ASOS at the end of this month

The crossover we never knew we needed

Stop what you're doing right now and listen: From September 30th onwards, you will be able to buy Topshop clothes on ASOS.

ASOS announced the news of the collaboration in a tweet in May, but have finally confirmed that the official launch date will be the end of this month.

The new partnership comes after the success of Topman on ASOS, which launched in June.

The new partnership means that you can now get free delivery on your Topshop purchases after spending over £30 on ASOS. Ideal.

Also, any ASOS student discount codes can also be applied to Topshop products bought on site – as well as any ASOS discount codes (like when they do 25 per cent off across the site) and we all know that this fact is KEY.

All we need now is Primark on ASOS and then we (and our bank accounts) can all be happy. What a time to be alive.

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