We’ve made an interactive map of the cheapest pints in the UK

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Pints. They make the world go round. Pints are there for you when no one else is. They are, and I cannot stress this enough, the best. If I could marry a pint, I probably would.

But pints can be a hit on your finances depending on where you live, and if you go to a uni where pints are closer to £3 than £2 you have drawn a very short paper straw indeed.

Thankfully the good folks at Natwest have worked out the average cost of a delicious nutritious pint and rather than put them in a bumout table we've made a wicked cool map. Check it out below and feel free to be impressed:

Hover your mouse over the uni town to see how much the average pint costs. The dark reds mean expensive pints. You don't want to go to these places ever. The light yellows indicate lovely cheap pints, and you should probably transfer university accordingly. Orange means mid tier pints, obviously. Yawn.

Some of the results might surprise you. For instance, the average pint in London is just £2.40, much less than the £3 average in Brighton. Clearly King's and UCL students aren't looking hard enough for cheap pints.

Those thinking northern pints are inherently cheaper will also be disappointed. Scottish bières (that's French for "beers") are towards the pricier end of the spectrum – the poor fuckers at St Andrews pay a nasty £2.80 per pint.

If you're up for making to pilgrimage to the cheapest pints in the country it'll take you via Durham (£2), Manchester (£1.90), and Leicester (£1.60). If anything this at least gives you a reason to go to Leicester.

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