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Watch the moment Theo Campbell got blinded by a champagne cork

He’s also explained exactly what happened

Theo Campbell has revealed the moment a champagne cork split his eye "in half" in Ibiza.

The accident has left him blind in one eye, undergoing surgery and holding out hope of restoring his sight in the eye.

In the aftermath, Kaz has been at his side and Josh Denzel has been accused of mocking him. But this is the first Theo has revealed about the moment itself.

In the video, on Theo's Instagram story, you can see him clutching his eye seconds after the fateful impact.

We've got the vid, the aftermath, and the beef over on The Tab's Instagram story. Check it out

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In his story afterwards, Theo reveals the gruesome details of what actually happened.

Walking through a standard Ibiza party with champagne popping left,right and centre, Theo says he "didn't really wanna get involved.

"I was wearing these glasses actually. Then I got handed a bottle, I was like alright then, I'll get sprayin, might as well.

"Someone sprayed champagne under these glasses in my eye. So I take the glasses off, I'm trying to get champagne out of my eye," he says.

These glasses, for context:

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"Within a split second, I turn round and I'm facing downwards Some girl in front of me's got a bottle down by her waist, shakes it

"As I turn my head, just perfect timing, bullseye shot. Absolute bullseye shot.

"That's how easy it was."

"I knew straight away. I put my hand down and no-one really saw it," Theo says, describing the feeling as "agony".

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"I didn't try and open my eyes for two minutes., I was so scared. Then I opened my eye and I had blood over my hand and thought 'that's it, my eye's a goner'."

At the time a source told OK! Online: "People were screaming when they realised what happened and saw the state of his eye. One of the guys said it looked like his eye had exploded.

After being rushed to hospital, Theo thought he just had glass in his eye, and was shocked when doctors told him they were trying to save his eye, not just his sight.

Still, he's being pretty funny about it. "I've got one eye, 2010 vision," said Theo. "The only thing that's hard at the moment is putting toothpaste onto a toothbrush, it's hard seeing how far away things are.

"I'm gonna go and eat loads of carrots."

At the end, he thanks his fans and the doctors. He's remaining hopeful about his eyesight. "I ain't thinking I've lost my eye forever." They managed to save the eye," he said.

"If I can't see nothing in four weeks, I might panic and cry, but until then."

Makes Josh Denzel's "and I oop" meme seem worse, in hindsight, doesn't it.

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