Revealed: The unis nobody actually wants to go to

Honestly, if you’re at the top of this list you’re a loser

Imagine going to a uni open day and thinking, ew, why would anybody want to apply here? Well, time to make sure your assumptions are statistically accurate.

After delving into UCAS stats on applications, we can finally settle the issue.

Niche London unis top the table. Nobody wants to go to a uni where you have to explain "yes, it's in London", which is what students at Birkbeck, SOAS, Goldsmiths and Royal Holloway have to do every time they mention their uni.

Unsurprisingly, more people try to go to Oxford than to UEA, Essex, Lancaster, or LSE. But what shocks is that nobody, nobody (well 18,000 people) wants to go to Cambridge.

At the other end, over 60,000 young souls are applying to Edinburgh, Leeds, and Manchester.

Check out the full table below to see how many people want to go to your uni:

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Data: UCAS 2018 admissions data for Russell Group and 1994 Group of universities

For all the pedants in the back: I know certain unis incentivise applications, or invite more applications because they're easier to get into. Live a little.

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