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Hey now, hey now, there’s going to be a brand new series of Lizzie McGuire

This really is what dreams are made of

Disney announced on Friday that a Lizzie McGuire sequel will be coming to our screens in 2020.

The series will feature 30-year-old Lizzie, all grown up and living in New York. Don't worry, Hilary Duff will be returning to her starring role.

The reboot comes 15 years after the first series ended and is made by Terri Minski, the same creator as the original.

Hilary Duff posted an epic throwback compilation to announce her return to the show:

After the big reveal, Hilary did an interview with Good Morning America and revealed a few plot teasers:

She said: “Her life is framed pretty perfectly, she has her dream job as an apprentice for an interior designer, who is a pretty big deal – she has a cute little apartment in Brooklyn.

“Obviously, nothing’s going to go that perfectly the whole series, she gets some pretty big news at the end of the first episode.”

No other stars have been confirmed, so we can't yet know if Gordo and Miranda stood the test of time. However, she does reveal in the interview that she has a fiancé who is NOT Gordo. Childhood dreams = shattered.

Looks like Lizzie's dreams to get with heart-throb Ethan failed too. Maybe Paolo will come back into the picture and sweep her off her feet? Sing to me Paolo.

Along with some Kate drama, we're hoping for some serious outfit repeater vibes, butterfly clips, clashing prints and bandanas included. Also, the hair had better be crimped.

Of course, animated Lizzie will still feature and portray her inner monologue, and she'll probably still be just as clumsy as we'd all expect.

The Lizzie McGuire sequel will air on Disney+ next year.

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