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Quiver in fear, here come the A-level results day Clubbers of the Week

These guys are absolute weapons

Remember when you finished A-levels and descended on your local shitty club with the reckless abandon of a group of mates who finally didn't have to rely on dodgy fake ID anymore? Those were better times – before your life became a turgid cycle of coursework, exams, job applications, and the inevitable death of the planet.

A-level results night hasn't changed all that much since back when you did it. Everyone still looks unselfconsciously tragic, gets absolutely hooned on a few Strongbows, and jumps up and down to Teenage Dirtbag (like I said, better times).

The only real difference is the occasional ex-Love Islander might bless these little babies with their presence. Anyway, read on to see the beauty of all these friendships set to fade away three months after uni starts:

Which of the two boys has the missing airpod

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Big up Maura for standing in front of her fans

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Those straws better be paper lads

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Foam parties >>>>>

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Peak for the top left bloke – foam's totally covered his glasses

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The limo to prom vibes are quite apparent

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Is the VK… growing… out… of her head?

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The boy on the bottom right should not be left in a room with breakable objects

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The bottom right one in this picture looks like she needs some time alone

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When you forgot to get the chicken out of the freezer

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There's a sex joke we could make here but these A Level rascals are just babies so we won't

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You can tell this man is a bout to have a lot of sex when he goes to uni

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His hair is the same colour as the ceiling

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I want to know what the conversation at the back was about

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Damn those girls really damaged their swag

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When you're drowning in girls but you have to do gun fingers

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These people are legally adults!!(!!!)

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Hoodies + arm-folding = really cool. We all know this

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Spot which one has had a beer

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Say 'treeeeeeee'

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The baked beans top is the best thing in this article

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Appreciate that the girl seems to be making a move but this unit of a boy needs to thumbs up the photographer

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Area 51 tops are now a thing – this is the hell we have made ourselves

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Double parking VKs? Not at my uni

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Is she crying because she's met Anton??

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'Just close your eyes and pretend it's Greg'

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