It’s official: These unis are the biggest slackers

Their favourite Rihanna song? Not work. Ha

If you've ever been stuck at a family drinks, talking to an old person who fancies themselves a bit "jokes" and "with it", no doubt you'll have found yourself on the receiving end of some 3/10 "so you're a student? Can't be doing any actual work then har de har!" chat.

Well, now you have the stats to quickly look out and tell old Banter Claus if they're right. Natwest have figured out how long students at each uni actually spend working.

And, shock, Hull students are the biggest slackers. Bradford are hot on their heels. But it's supposed hot-shots Manchester who round out the top three, spending a measly 61.7 hours per month

One other Russell Group institution stands out. Too busy with other things, Leeds students spend 69 hours a month studying. Nice.

How work-shy are students at your uni? Find out below

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