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Behold! Here are the easiest Russell Group unis to get into

Gonna take my UCAS points down the old…uni…road?

It is results day. Schools are tweeting about that one kid who got into Cambridge. Mums in Surrey are crying because Sebastian has to go to York. Carnage. Imagine the shame on the family, going to such an easy uni to get into.

But they never ask exactly how easy it is to get in. Luckily, The Guardian have compiled a list of the average UCAS point entry tariff for each university.

Sure, there are other things that decide how you get into uni but – to be honest – whatever.

Queen Mary will let you in with 144, whilst Liverpool will let you in with 147. Surprisingly, Glasgow are more selective with UCAS points than Durham, LSE, UCL, and Warwick.

All together now: Oxford and Cambridge top the table, to nobody's surprise. However, the 200-plus UCAS points needed ignores the checks they do about if you can hold a teacup properly or have hyphens in your surname.

How easy is it to get into your uni?

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