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UCAS is sending tampons and pads to prospective students

Send an unconditional too pls

As results day inches closer, prospective students have got a lot of questions on their minds, like "will I get my first choice?", "will clearing work out?" and importantly "what if I end up in Falmouth?"

But as anyone who has gone before will tell you, the main thought that crosses everyone's mind is: "Man, I wish I had some tampons. Not a whole box either. Just three."

But UCAS, the heroes that they are, have decided to give female students a little bit of corporation TLC and have sent a care package of tampons and pads.

Thinking they were receiving important information from UCAS, female prospective students have opened their doors to this unexpected gift.

Male and non-binary students received Gillette razors. Gillette sent an email through UCAS media in July which explained the unusual package. It said: "As you are approaching a new chapter in your life, we will be sending you a new Gillette FlexBall razor so you can look your best and have one less thing to worry about!" Handy!

The tampons came in a package stamped with Always' laughably large logo. UCAS took a good shot at irony with the tagline "because the best of times call for the best protection…" which was also stamped at the front of the discreet package.

In a statement regarding this semi-odd behaviour, UCAS told The Tab: "UCAS is an independent charity. All our activities are funded by application fees, by universities and colleges, and through our commercial mailings which keep the cost for students as low as possible.

"UCAS Media regularly works with companies that provide products and services which we think will be useful for students, and they can opt-out of receiving these at any time. We have been running this campaign with Proctor and Gamble for several years."

Sure, the packaging could have been more discreet, but it's the thought that counts, and UCAS thought far more about us than we ever asked them to.

And just to finish off, here are some jokes memes about UCAS sending pads and razors in the post:

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