These grimey ravers at Boomtown could not be stopped by the wind

Bit of the stage blows off? No big deal mate

What with Boardmasters and Houghton festival both being cancelled this weekend due to severe weather conditions, there were fears Boomtown would be next. But Boomtown isn't any regular festival, and neither is its clientele.

While everyone else was being salty about their festival being cancelled, ketty ravers at Boomtown were braving the high winds, dodging flying bits of stage materials and getting just as messy as ever.

Despite amber weather warnings from the Met Office, two other festivals being cancelled and stages literally falling apart, people at Boomtown did not give one single fuck:

Bits of the stage flew off and into the crowd

This vid of a piece of stage literally flying off and landing in the crowd has being doing the rounds. Does anyone care? Did anyone stop dancing? No.

Yeah, the wind was bad

Mmmm perfect tent weather.

Like really bad

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The wind was so bad that Boomtown organisers put out a warning telling people to take down their gazebos and anything that could get caught in the wind, in the interest of safety.

Imagine going back to your tent after a rough one at 5am and it just not being there. Peak times.

So bad that it even infiltrated the portaloos

Eugh, no thank you.

And knocked the fences down

Imagine being on a nice country walk through Winchester and accidentally stepping into Boomtown.

Is this… a poem?

My Boomtown: A Haiku by Paul Brooks.

But still it wasn't called off

The lack of response to the stage falling apart makes so much sense now.

And people were v smug

You made a wise choice, my friend.

And they were having a very good time

In the likely event of a K hole, always make sure to film yourself as you descend into it. I'm kidding, please seek medical help.

Even if their parents didn't approve of it

"That thing you showed us was disgusting", iconic. Parents really don't care about your feelings, do they? Don't forget to bring a coat!

Even with gale force winds and freezing cold temperatures, people still went all out with their fits

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Via @rhiannoncolex

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Via @tom_ains

For more fire fits seen this weekend, see here.

Especially this gal

And some of the looks were so inventive

Severe weather warning but still wanna stunt? Just draw them on mate.

However, fashion faux pas were still made

When will they learn?!

And everyone was

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Can anyone translate

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If you can understand what he's saying, I'm worried for you.

Especially these guys, who found someone's phone and decided to leave them a video

That guy looking into the camera is Boomtown encompassed in one facial expression.

Maybe the drugs were so plentiful because this guy was doing the searches

And yet sadly, not everyone could make it

I mean, there's always next year?

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