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Everything we know happened at the Love Island After Party

So much drama, so little air time

The Love Island Reunion aired last night after just one week of the Islanders being out of the villa and it was juicy to say the least. We saw all of the ex-Islanders get together to reflect on the series, catch up on what they've been doing since leaving the Island and publicly talk about any drama that has happened – and there is a lot.

We already know their Instagram following has increased, they've openly gossiped about each other, met up with other ex Islanders and have done some class sponsored content – but what happens behind the scenes?

Here's everything we know about the Love Island reunion after party, because this is where it all really goes down.

Chris left with Maria, leaving Harley sat on a kerb

Chris and Maria were pictured leaving together arm in arm. Despite posting a story earlier in the evening of her and Chris kissing, Harley was pictured sat alone on the kerb whilst Chris and Maria walked off together.

Joe and Lucie left together

Pictures have surfaced of Joe and Lucie leaving the party together, getting into a taxi and going into the same hotel at 2am. They previously said they were just friends and intended on keeping it like that, but things looked a little different last night.

Sherif was pied off with no invite

Having been kicked off the show early in the season, Sherif didn't get an invite to the reunion show. Awks.

Greg and Curtis wore the same outfit

Pictures on Greg's Instagram story show the two men both wearing a black shirt and grey chequered trousers. Who doesn't love a cheeky wardrobe malfunction!

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via Instagram : @gregoshea

Caroline Flack was caught kissing her mate on the street

Caroline was looking slightly worse for wear as she kissed her friend and then got a taxi home with her new man, tennis player Lewis Burton.

There was inflatable flamingo races

A cracking twist on the basic flamingo pose.

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via Instagram : @harley_brash

The Islanders all got blankets and pillows with their faces on

Yes, you read that correctly. All the Islanders were given a blanket and a pillow with their face on and the blankets are just a bit creepy.

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via Instagram : @harley_brash

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via Instagram : @mac_griffiths_

There was some very extra cake

One of the cakes had four tiers and pictures of all the Islanders on whilst another was heart shaped and had the iconic catchphrase "It is what it is". Amber, the birthday girl, also got a big cake.

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via Instagram : @anton_danyluk

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via Instagram : @amberrosegill

Curtis was dancing, obviously

There was a fanny flutter cocktail

A lovely tribute to Maura, the cocktail included vanilla vodka, passion fruit puree and lime juice.

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via Instagram : @maurahiggins

Amber and Greg were ridiculously cute all night

Last night showed everyone exactly why these two deserved to win. The PDA was obvious but not too heavy, just enough to make everyone's eyes water a little bit.

Also, the reunion coincided with Amber's bday Greg posting a v cute happy birthday message to Amber on Insta. The ice queen is melting and, really, can you blame her?

If this is the drama that has come from only a week of the Islanders being apart, we cannot wait to see what happens at the Christmas reunion.

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