This is what the cast of Derry Girls are like in real life

They’re all best friends and I love it

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The Derry Girls are having a bit of a moment. Everyone seems to love the show (obviously), and season two has just dropped on Netflix again. Not to mention that the Derry Girls cast are all extremely cool in real life too.

The show is described as a candid, family-centred comedy set during The Troubles in Northern Ireland. It follows a girl called Erin and her friends as they grow up in a world of armed police in armoured Land Rovers and British Army check points in 1990s Northern Ireland. We follow their attempts to navigate the highs and lows of being teenagers.

But what are the Derry Girls cast like in real life? Are they as fun on Instagram? How old are they all really? We did some digging, and here are all your answers.

Meet the Derry Girls cast and what they are like in real life

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Saoirse-Monica Jackson (plays Erin Quinn)

Age in real life: 26

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Saoirse-Monica Jackson is an Irish actress who was born in Derry. Growing up, her parents owned a village pub. She is best known for her role as Erin in Derry Girls. She was trained in acting at the Arden School of Theatre in Manchester.

She also played Curley’s wife in the Birmingham Repertory Theatre tour of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men and was Sasha in Harlan Coben’s The Five.

via Instagram @saoirsemonicajackson

On her Instagram she has 211k followers and posts a lot of Derry Girls pics. She also has a VERY enviable wardrobe, which is probably why she was nominated for VIP Style Award for Most Stylish Newcomer. She hangs around with the cast of RuPaul and seems to always be out having fun.

Louisa Harland (plays Orla McCool)

Age in real life: 27

via Instagram @louisadodgeharland

Louisa Harland is an actress from Dublin, best known for her role as Orla in Derry Girls. She has two older sisters called Katie and Ellie.

via Instagram @louisadodgeharland

Louisa has 108 followers on Instagram, and her account proves she is the best at taking candid pictures of her pals. She is the friend we all need. She also posts loads of grainy throwbacks and pictures of her out having a laugh. And she’s got a pic of her with the the hot priest from Fleabag – jealous!!

Nicola Coughlan (plays Clare Devlin)

Age in real life: 33

Nicola Mary Coughlan is an actress from Galway. She is best known for her role as Clare Devlin in Derry Girls.

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Nicola is probably the one out of all of the Derry Girls cast who is in the public eye the most. She’s written a column about Brexit in comparison to Love Island, appeared on loads of TV shows like Love Island: Aftersun, and got Megan Barton-Hanson to meet her best friend for her birthday.

Sad to say it looks like she’s got her life a lot more in check than her character, Clare.

via Instagram @nicolacoughlan

If her Instagram is anything to go by, she is a lot of fun. She has 213k followers and has posted pictures of herself with the cast of Drag Race, with Jonathan from Queer Eye, at London Pride with Little Mix, visiting Instagram HQ and at the BAFTAs with the other Derry Girls cast members.

Jamie-Lee O’Donnell (plays Michelle Mallon)

Age in real life: 28

Jamie-Lee O’Donnell is an actress from Derry. She is also best known for her role in Derry Girls, she plays Michelle Mallon.

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Her Instagram has 113k followers and she posts photos of herself on holiday, meeting celebs, in rooftop bars and at festivals. She looks like a lot of fun in real life. Her Instagram definitely matches the kind of lifestyle Michelle would dream of.

via Instagram @jamie.lee.od

Dylan Llewellyn (plays James Maguire)

Age in real life: 27

via Instagram @djllewellyn

Dylan Llewellyn is an English actor. As well as playing James Maguire in Derry Girls, he is also well known for his roles in Frequencies and A Grand Romantic Gesture.

via Instagram @djllewellyn

He has 158k followers on Instagram and his profile is littered with pictures of him and his fellow Derry Girls cast members. It’s extremely wholesome. They’re all besties and I want in tbh. He also hangs around Robert Sheehan from Umbrella Academy, no biggie.

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