Subway is expanding its vegan menu and now has gluten-free bread

Can you hear the people SING

Subway has decided to expand its range of vegan options, and will now sell gluten-free bread.

Chief among the new additions is a vegan wrap, which features "a double portion of the deliciously spicy vegan patty, along with a generous helping of salad and a good dollop of the vegan garlic aioli sauce – all wrapped up in a soft tomato basil wrap."

The "spicy vegan patty" which makes up the base of the new wrap, as well as the already succesful vegan sub and vegan salad, contains red pepper, chilli, garlic, and red onion.

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A screenshot from Subway's new vegan page

The Vegan Signature Loaded Wrap will also contain Subway's vegan sauce: A garlic aioli, described by Subway as a "creamy garlic sauce." It will also have mixed peppers, sun blush tomatoes, and lettuce.

This isn't the first vegan item on the menu at Subway, since the hash browns and salads are vegan friendly too.

A number of Subway breads are vegan friendly as well, but up until now none have been gluten-free. Subway are now introducing gluten-free bread.

The new menu expansion will feature 21 new options, according to The Mirror, and will include plenty of non vegan options too, including Maple Cured Streaky Bacon.

Subway are relatively late to the vegan party in all honesty – McDonald's, KFC, and famously Greggs have all already piled in to rinse vegans' wallets. The Greggs vegan saussage roll was the best selling new launch for six years.

A spokesperson said: "It’s important as the number of people switching to alternative diets increases that we offer something for everyone.

"We’re delighted to be launching the Vegan Signature Loaded Wrap and our new gluten-free bread, alongside a host of delicious new and improved ingredients, to offer even more choice to our guests – so they can truly make their meal what they want."

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