The couple who will win Love Island, according to ex-Islanders

There’s a lot of support for Belle and Anton

Most people have been backing Ovie to win this year's Love Island, calling him a national treasure and encouraging him to steal the £50k if he makes it to the final. But the ex-Islanders have their own predictions on who will win.

Following their exits from the villa, each of the dumped Islanders gave interviews and let on which couple they think will win the prize money.

This is who the ex-Islanders of Love Island 2019 think is going to take home the £50k:

Michael – Tommy and Molly-Mae

As per usual Michael couldn't make his mind up and played it safe by backing three different couples.

He said: "I think Tommy and Molly-Mae will go the distance and Curtis and Maura because of how things have developed between them. Maura seems very into him."

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Molly-Mae and Tommy are favourites to win

He added: "I’m also backing Belle and Anton. As much as they bicker, he’s never handled a girl like Belle and she loves all the silly things about him."

Danny – Tommy and Molly-Mae

Danny is placing his bets on OG Islander Tommy and his girlfriend Molly-Mae winning the £50k.

He said: "If I was to put money on it, I would say Tommy and Molly-Mae will win.

"They look the real deal. They have done since they started. I feel like they’ll go all the way,"

Jourdan – Belle and Anton

Jourdan disagreed with boyfriend Danny. When asked who she thought would bag the prize-money, she said: "Belle and Anton to the final! They have to do it."

I guess there's no arguing with that.

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There's a lot of support for Belle and Anton

Joanna – Belle and Anton

Her and Belle were pretty tight in the villa, so Joanna's predictions might be a bit biased. But when asked in an interview who she thought could make it to the final, she said: "I think Belle and Anton are going to go the distance and win and I will be very supportive of Belle."

Lucie – Belle and Anton

Lucie seemed to confirm Joanna's theory however, when she said: “I think Anton and Belle could win."

"Anton really likes Belle and Belle really likes Anton. It’s taken Anton a long time to find a girl in there, he’s had a tough time and I’m so glad that a girl has come in who is his type, fun and bubbly and they really enjoy each other’s company.

“I can’t wait to see them grow.”

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The ex-Islanders reckon Anton and Belle could win

Francesca – Belle and Anton

In an interview following her exit, Francesca said: "Belle and Anton could go the furthest. They care so much about each other. They took care of me as well really well."

Nabila – Belle and Anton

The Casa Amor Islander might have been long forgotten, but she's still got a lot to say about who will win this year's show.

"Anton and Belle actually suit. They might not look like they do but it’s not until you are in there you see how much they bounce off each other. They’ve got the same sense of humour."

Yewande – Tommy and Molly-Mae

Yewande however disagrees with the other girls who are backing Belle and Anton. In a recent interview with Heart she said: “I think Tommy and Molly-Mae are going to win. I wanted Amber and Michael to win but at this stage now, I think it’s going to be Tommy and Molly.”

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The dumped Islanders have predicted Tommy and Molly-Mae will win

Well Michael's gone and Amber's recoupled with Greg, so I guess Tommy and Molly-Mae are our only hope.

Arabella – Amy and Curtis

Arabella's predictions have already gone out the window. When asked who she thought would win, she said: "Amy and Curtis – I feel like Amy is a bit misunderstood but when you’re with her 24/7 you can see how into each other they are.

"They just connect. They are different but the same. Their quirkiness makes them who they are. They are the most unique couple I have ever seen."

Callum – Amy and Curtis

Likewise, Callum placed his bets on Curtis and Amy making it to the final. When asked who he thought would win the series, he said: "Definitely Curtis and Amy – they're so well-suited, it's like they've been together for ages already.

"You could definitely see them working on the outside. I hope they do. They're both really good people."


Maria – Joanna and Michael

At least one of Maria's predictions was right.

"I can really see Joanna and Michael going the distance. I can see a lovely connection with those two and I’m 100 per cent behind it. I can’t see Curtis and Amy going the distance. Just because I think there are a lot of holes there."

Lavena – Joanna and Michael

Lavena said: "I’d say that maybe Joanna and Michael have a long distance. I’d also say Molly-Mae and Tommy. After seeing her cry I knew it was real."

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Joanna and Michael were both dumped from the island

Elma – Amber and Michael

Elma was very confident in predicting that Michael and Amber would make it to the final.

She said: “I think they’ll win. That is your Love Island 2019 winners right there, you know you’ve got a gut instinct.

“I watched them from the beginning, I lived with them, I’ve seen them and I just know.”

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Michael left after having his head turned by Joanna

Evidently Elma's predictions were wrong. If there's ever an argument not to listen to your gut instinct, this is it.

Almost as embarrassing as Jourdan's confidence that Barcelona was in Italy wow.

Tom – Amy and Curtis

And the prize for the most wrong predictions goes to Tom.

"I think there are four good couples in there – Curtis and Amy, who seem really solid.

"Michael and Amber. Michael really likes Amber. She keeps him on his toes but I think she really likes him.

"I’m not sure about Jordan and Anna because it’s so fresh but he does really like her. "

He added: "Tommy and Molly-Mae spend so much time together. They’re like the same person. It’s rare you get Tommy by himself without Molly-Mae being there. They seem really legit."

Dan – Amy and Curtis

Dan said: "Amy and Curtis seem very genuine, that’s probably the only one I would say.

"If Anna and Ovie carry on the way they are they might last. Marvin and Maura won’t last the distance.

"Lucie and George are very good looking but they are very different."

Well at least he was right about Marvin and Maura.

Marvin – Tommy and Molly-Mae

Marvin also thinks Tommy and Molly-Mae will make the distance.

He said: "I think Tommy and Molly-Mae are the obvious choice. They are acting like a couple who’ve been together for years. They’re so comfortable with each other. It’s really nice to see."

George – Tommy and Molly-Mae

In typical George-fashion, he didn't have much to say.

He said: "Probably Tommy and Molly-Mae."

Dennon – Ovie and Anna

When asked who he thought would win, Dennon said: "Ovie and Anna would last the distance but it depends whether the public support them in that sense. I could see them being together outside of the show.

George and Lucie I don’t think will last. He said to me she’s not his usual type. He’s with her because he was short of options."

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Anna chose Jordan over Ovie in the recoupling

Maybe he was right; Anna should've stuck with Ovie.

Stevie – Ovie and Anna

Stevie shared Dennon's predictions.

He said: "I see the longevity in Ovie and Anna and the shortest Marvin and Maura. I have no idea how Lucie and George will go. I want them to do really well as they are both really lovely.

"In terms of how similar they are, they seem like very different people. But on paper he’s her type. She went by the laws of attraction."

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