Omg!! You can now buy a bra which stops underboob sweat

Sweaty titties, be gone

Underboob sweat is the undeniable peril of every woman's life as soon as the temperature hits anything above 25 degrees. No, let's be honest, 20 degrees.

Not only is it uncomfortable, it runs the risk of seeping through your top and showing off those super sexy underboob sweat patches to the whole world, and no one wants that.

Up until now, there was basically no option to protect you from underboob sweat. It's so powerful that it permeates bras, bralettes and tops.

Wearing grey isn't an option because it shows off sweat so much, and going braless in a bandeau is an incredibly risky move. We've been living our hot girl summers working around our underboob sweat. But no more!

Our prayers have been answered. Belly Bandit, a brand that provides specialised underwear for women, has launched a sweat proof bra liner, designed to stop those pesky sweat patches from showing.

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Belly Bandit's 'Don't Sweat It' bra liner

It also absorbs the under boob sweat, so you don't have to walk around with damp tits all day, which is ideal.

The liner, made from bamboo based viscose, is designed to slip under your bra and move with your body as it absorbs the sweat. The liners are available in black and skin coloured for £21.95 each.

The liner comes in one size, so they're not just for big boobs – they can be worn by absolutely anyone. Which is great because boob sweat is universal, even the smallest boobed girls can relate.

It's not exactly the cheapest option, but a much classier option than going to the toilet and wiping off your underboob sweat with loo roll. I'll take two, please.

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