Gone and forgotten: The Islanders on the show for the shortest time

Remember them? I mean, obviously not, which is why we’ve made this list

Not everyone who's been on Love Island has managed to secure the Boohoo discount code. Some have graced the island for mere days, a short enough time that there's no guarantee they had a shower in the villa.

But still, some of them did enough for us to remember. Others are just six-packs with weirdly large Instagram followings.

So here they are – the Islanders who were on the show for a pitifully short time, in all their glory.

Malia Arkin – Series 2 (about an hour)

Plenty of these short-lived Islanders basically swept through the villa like a light breeze. Malia, on the other hand, had a fight and then was kicked out.

Watching them bicker whilst others can merely look on an smoke a durry, it's a Love Island tiff of a bygone age. Like watching a black and white film.

Oliver Maxwell Fernandez – Series 2 (Two days)

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Model Oliver came in with Troy Frith, failed to couple up with anyone, and was voted off after two days. Not a roaring success.

James Khan – Series 2 (Two days)

Again, James came in and failed to couple up. Since leaving, he's basically been bulking.

Amelia Peters – Series 3 (Three days)

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Amelia was part of the Series 3 Casa Amor gang. She shared a bed with Kem, but obviously didn't go the distance.

Marino Katsouris – Series 3 (Three days)

Another Casa Amor hopeful hauled out of a Pure Gym by the producers, Marino failed to make waves. Which is ironic, given his name almost sounds like a word you'd use for the sea.

Rob Lipsett – Series 3 (Three days)

Yet another from Casa Amor, Rob reportedly dumped his long-term girlfriend soon before going on the show. And then lasted all of three days in the villa.

Still, he pivoted well and started making YouTube videos after being kicked out, like this one:

And obviously got rinsed in the comments.

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Ellisha-Jade White – Series 3 (Three days)

Another casualty of 2017's Casa Amor cast, Ellisha-Jade made some friends and was swiftly sent packing.

Shannen McGrath – Series 3 (Three days)

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Shannen snogged Marcell in a challenge, but apart from that nothing really happened in the villa. Out of the villa, she apparently hooked up with fellow three-dayer Rob Lipsett (see above) after meeting in lockdown.

Steve Ball – Series 3 (Three days)

Apart from the above challenge, Steve went after Tyla and Montana, and then was booted off along with the rest of the dumped Casa Amor lot. That's all there really was to it.

Idris Virgo – Series 4 (Three days)

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Oh hell. ? That was a BOLD move, Idris! #LoveIsland

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All Idris really did was stir the pot by telling Laura that Jack Fowler made a move on Georgia.

A short contribution, but a noble one nonetheless.

Kieran Nicholls – Series 4 (Three days)

Fellow Islanders called Kieran "big balls" when he made a move for Georgia. It didn't go anywhere, though, and he was sent packing his bags.

Dan Rose – Three days this year

Dan Rose (yellow jacket in the pic above) came in as part of this year's Casa Amor lot and has muscles. The "Let's hope we get to see more of Dan tomorrow night…" caption from his loyal friend says it all really.

Dennon Lewis – Three days this year

Dennon nearly made it, you know. He kissed Maura, who then got annoyed he wasn't listening to her, and was then dumped from the villa when she went with Marvin. This all seems like a very long time ago.

Lavena Back – Three days this year

Lavena didn't manage to get picked in the recoupling at the end of this year's Casa Amor, and was swiftly on the RyanAir flight back to Stansted.

Maria Wild – Three days this year

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Maria said her mum wanted her to go for Curtis. Evidently, this didn't work out, or she'd still be in the villa right now. In many respects, she dodged a bullet.

Nabila Badda – Three days this year

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In the Beach Hut, Nabila said she was treading carefully. Too carefully, evidently, as she got booted out after three days.

Stevie Bradley – Three days this year

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Stevie is memorable only for picking up the "Eagle" card during charades, with Amy quickly called "a sign" from Curtis. A real classic moment, made possible only by a man everyone's forgotten. Kind of like Michael Collins and the Moon landing.

Dean Overson – Series 4 (Four days)

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For some reason, Dean's memory lives fairly long. He went after Megan, was rejected, and left.

Jordan Adefeyisan – Series 4 (Four days)

Poor Jordan. In hindsight, he could have gone after Georgia Steel a bit more. In fact, people wanted him to return to get with her, but he didn't.

Charlie Williams – Series 4 (Four days)

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Poor Charlie. She fancied Dr Alex, managed to get a kiss from him, but was then pied when he decided to go after Grace Wardle. Four days well spent.

Savanna Darnell – Series 4 (Four days)

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Who could forget Savanna's blonde bob? It graced our screens for all of four days before the Casa Amor arrival was dumped.

Since then, she's described the whole process as "horrendous" and has dark hair.

Lauren Whiteside – Series 2 (Four days)

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Lauren replaced Zara Holland after the former Miss Great Britain left the show. Coupled up would usually be enough to keep you on the show for more than four days, but despite snaring Adam Jukes, Lauren was dumped after four days.

Callum Macleod – Four days in the villa this year

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SMILE ? it’s that time again! #loveisland

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Poor Callum. This year's dumping was somehow a day earlier than every previous year, which lands him on this list.

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