Labour want to get rid of all private schools

But how will the Ruperts cope at state school?

A group of Labour MPs and councillors want to get rid of private schools to break the "stranglehold that the Establishment has over Britain".

Over 250 Labour councillors signed a letter to The Times saying: "Unless we break up the old boys’ network that hoards power and privilege, educational inequality will continue."

In December, news broke that Oxbridge take more students from just eight private schools than from 3,000 state schools.

Under the umbrella of Labour's Abolish Eton campaign, they also want to stop Oxbridge taking in more than seven per cent of their students from private schools.

Currently 40 per cent of Oxbridge students went to private school, when only seven per cent of pupils nationally are privately educated.

Jeremy Corbyn himself went to a private school, but sources close to him told The Times: "Private schools are clearly central to the stranglehold that the Establishment has over Britain and the perpetuation of the privilege of a lucky few."

However, a body for private schools has warned shutting private schools would lead to the "unbearable burden" of 580,000 extra pupils in state schools.

Spurred on by this warning from the Independent Schools Council, the councillors called this claim "grossly inflated" in their letter to The Times. They argued that the assets, endowments and staff from private schools would transfer to the state sector, easing the load.

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