This is how you can get a free McDonald’s cheeseburger RIGHT NOW

You can save yourself a whole 99p!!!

Drop everything you're doing because you can now get your hands on a delicious nutritious FREE McDonald's cheeseburger. Yeet.

Until August 15th, generous father Ronald is rewarding anyone who signs up to the McDonald's app with a free cheeseburger, which normally sells for a hefty 99p.

The app is available for Android (ew) and iPhone users. All you have to do to claim your burger is download the app (no, really) and make an account using your email address.

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Once you have the app and are all set up, go on the app's deals section. Add the holy free cheeseburger deal to your basket and click "check out." Then you can head to any Maccies outlet you desire and claim your burger.

The app even supports click-and-collect, so you don't even need to queue for your free burger. You can breeze straight in the doors and collect your freshly made cheesy meal without so much as breaking your stride.

The app will only let you claim one free cheeseburger per email address – a 100 per cent foolproof way of making sure no one customer can claim multiple deals for themselves. It also only works during McDonald's hours – i.e. not breakfast hours, because who has a cheeseburger for breakfast? Wrong'uns that's who.

What are you actually waiting for? The rest of the meal to be made free? Go claim your goddamn burger.

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