These are officially the most Instagrammable halls in the UK

Who can even afford these palaces?

You might be used to mould, midnight fire alarms and silverfish infestations, but it turns out not everyone lives that classic halls life. How the other half live is so ridiculously different that this article might genuinely make you shed a tear.

These super bougie halls boast their own roof terraces, private cinemas and one even has a grand piano. "What kind of uni student needs a grand piano in their halls?", you may ask. We don't know. But we still want to see pics of it, obvs.

So, if you felt like your halls were a prison block before, get ready to feel a whole lot worse. Here are the most Instagrammable halls in the UK, courtesy of mystudenthalls:

The Stay Club, Colindale, London

£221 – £275 per week

Topping the list, The Stay Club in Colindale features 19 floors of fancy modern bedrooms with beaut views of London.

On site there is an in-house nightclub, a roof terrace, a cinema room and a lounge area that has walls lined with vinyl records.

If that wasn't enough, it also features a private games room that includes ping pong and table football.

And if you're feeling extra swanky, you can have your very own premium suite from £275 per week, which comes to a healthy £1100 a month!

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This is like an IKEA showroom

Scotway House, Glasgow

£183 – £296 per week

This building is brand new for 2019 and each room has views of the River Clyde, University of Glasgow and Riverside Museum.

There's an entire three-storey building dedicated to studying and socialising, a roof terrace, outdoor spaces, gym, cinema/karaoke room, social areas and study booths.

You even receive a complimentary kitchen pack and cotton bedding on arrival, so that annual IKEA trip with your Mum is rendered completely useless.

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Just beautiful

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It's like Scandi-chic

Nova, Nottingham

£156 – £269 per week

Bang in the city centre, this building follows the design and characteristics of a boutique hotel, something that most of us wouldn't be able to afford for one night – let alone a year.

Each room comes with a double bed and a 42" television. Plus, on site you can take advantage of a party room, private gym and cinema. Yes, I just said party room. Sign me up right now (and pay my rent please).

This place is so bougie that the 24 hour staff will even take your online food deliveries whilst you're away and store them in the cold storage space for you.

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Tbf this does just look like a picnic table but ok

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They have 24-hour staff!

Crown Place, Norwich

£150 – £290 per week

Crown Place is a brand new student accommodation opening in Norwich ready for September 2019.

The property has a free on-site gym, games room and cinema room. But the most extravagant part? It has a private dining area to host your own dinner parties. Because if there's anything uni students are known for, it's hosting dinner parties.

The real star of the show, however, is their luxurious music room that features a grand piano and lounge area.

Image may contain: Grand Piano, Lighting, Musical Instrument, Leisure Activities, Piano

That piano isn't going to last a pre-drinks

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True Student, Glasgow

£150 – £160 per week

This halls offers regular glam af events including whiskey tasting, gym classes and movie nights.

Their building offers a private cinema with a gigantic 4K screen, it's own personal cafe and even a slide?!? This student halls is genuinely fit for MTV's Cribs.

Image may contain: Interior Design, Indoors, Building, Housing, Handrail, Banister, Person, Human, Chair, Furniture

Why is there a slide

Image may contain: Interior Design, Wood, Dorm Room, Electronics, Screen, Monitor, Display, Flooring, Furniture, Bedroom, Indoors, Room

This actually looks a bit small tbf

Hox Park, Surrey

£179 – £299 per week

Just minutes away from Royal Holloway University, this accommodation offers a free shuttle bus to the University and the most gorg living space you've ever laid your eyes upon.

It also has its own fully equipped gym and spinning studio, or you can pop to the games room or coffee bar to chillax for a bit.

Image may contain: Hotel, Person, Human, Home Decor, Wood, Building, Table, Chair, Couch, Living Room, Interior Design, Furniture, Indoors, Room, Lobby

This looks like your SU!

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Haha it's only nearly £300 a week x

Redvers Tower, Sheffield

£129 – £215 per week

This site offers ultra-modern rooms that include city views and a temperature and lighting control system that can be controlled from your mobile phone. Alexa that's so bougie, play Despacito.

There's also a cinema room, a study room, a gym. They even offer free breakfast!

Image may contain: Indoors, Interior Design, Dining Table, Table, Wood, Wine, Bottle, Lighting, Restaurant, Alcohol, Drink, Beverage, Chair, Furniture

How sophisticated

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Welcome to your new box room!

iQ Shoreditch, London

£302 – £576 per week

These glamorous halls in central London offer studios and penthouses, and all the extra frills too, like a gym and a courtyard. It's probably much nicer smoking out there than in your room with a sock over the fire alarm, a la classic halls vibe.

New for Autumn 2019, the site will have its very own sky lounge fit with a games area, kitchen, designer seating and study facilities with mind blowing views of London. Much better than the standard halls flat views, which is usually someone staring at you from the opposite flat.

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This looks like a changing room

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