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Ranked: The biggest Love Island arguments of all time

Honestly each of these arguments deserve a BAFTA


Living in a confined space for such a long period of time means tensions and emotions run high in the Love Island villa. And although we like seeing the Islander’s get it on, there’s nothing better than when shit hits the fan and the villa erupts.

Over the years we have been provided with the most iconic TV gold moments. Remember when Laura Anderson called Megan Barton-Hanson a “fucking slag”, or when Jonny Mitchell called Theo Campbell a “gigantic bellend”? Moments we cherish.

We’ve had a look back over the last five series to pick out the most explosive Love Island arguments:

15. Series 4: When Eyal didn’t want to be Hayley’s hun, hun

Kicking off our list of most iconic arguments is this little gem, which many may have forgotten – the showdown between Eyal Booker and Hayley Hughes.

Cool Eyal was left raging after Hayley had been “saying shit about [him] and getting personal”, following a kiss they shared in the early stages of Series 4 – awks.

Watch from 1.16:

Eyal tried to remain calm, however things soon escalated between the two and it became a race for the first person to pie the other.

We were then left with the iconic line from Eyal: “I’m not your hun, hun”, to which Hayley shouted back: “I don’t want you to be my hun that’s the whole point of it”.

Ouch hun.

14. Series 5: When Michael called Anna “chaldesh”

Following the dramatic and savage re-coupling post Casa Amor, Anna Vakili went in on Michael Griffiths for ditching Amber Gill.

Poor Amber is crying on the day bed, being comforted by legend Ovie Soko, and Anna pulls Michael for a chat.

It seems to be going fairly calmly until Anna asks for examples of the “things that have gone down” between Amber and Michael that has made him recouple.

Michael soon turns frustrated and says Anna is acting “chaldesh” (shock) and he is done.

Watch from 2.22:

13. Series 3: When Georgia stole Kem from Amber

After Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies became official bf and gf the Islanders were partying away at a white party before red-dressed bombshell Georgia Harrison walked in and coupled up with Kem.

Let’s just say Amber was NOT happy. After storming off to the smoking area with Kem (RIP the smoking area, the best place for the biggest dramas) Georgia follows and tries to chat to Amber explaining her decision but Amber is having none of it.

12. Series 4: When Laura called Megan a “fucking slag”

Series 4’s seemingly unbreakable couple soon crumbled after Wes Nelson’s head was turned by Megan Barton-Hanson when he kissed her in the snog, marry, pie challenge.

Wes really put his foot in it when he told Laura he could be “happier with Megan”. Raging Laura stormed off after making it clear that Wes would “never, ever, ever, ever get this chance again”.

She then shouted across to Megan: “Nice one Meg, cheers for telling me”, and called her a “fucking slag”.

11. Series 1: When Naomi played with Jon’s hair and Hannah went OFF

Throwing it back to the good old days of Series 1 where every episode was full of fights, sex and endless drama.

OG couple Jon Clark and Hannah Elizabeth definitely had their fair share of loving and hating. One of their most iconic fights was when Jon did the unthinkable and allowed new girl hottie Naomi Ball play with his hair.

Hannah went off, and the fight carried on with Hannah storming out and insisting she was leaving. Jon punches the door in anger, and by next episode the pair were back together. True love.

10. Series 2: When Malin was reunited with Terry who had been doing the dirty with Emma

Malin Andersson and Terry Walsh seemed to be the ultimate couple goals and her shocking dumping from the villa left many thinking Terry would go after her. However, it wasn’t long before Terry moved on to new girl Emma-Jane Woodhams.

Malin was brought back into the villa to confront Terry and as soon as she sat down, looked him in the eye and told him she’d been watching everything he’d been doing we knew shit was gonna hit the fan.

9. Series 1: When new girl Beth stirred up shit on her first night and accused Jess of playing a game

Don’t remember Bethany Rogers from Series 1? How about if I told you she was the girl who on her first night caused absolute carnage? Ring a bell?

Beth had only been in the villa for approx. 13 minutes before she told all the lads that Jess Hayes was “playing a game and she’s in it for the money”, this girl did not hang about “telling it straight”.

8. Series 4: When Ellie called Georgia a “c***”

Perhaps one of the shortest arguments the villa has seen, but defiantly one of the most explosive.

Loyal Georgia Steel was accused of kissing bestie Laura’s new hunk Jack Fowler but then denied it to Laura’s face.

Jack was called over to clarify that they did not kiss intentionally – awks. G stormed off fuming. But then Ellie Brown got involved and called “bullshit”. Georgia turned around telling her to “pipe down” and it went 0-100 in less than 0.1 second with Ellie calling Georgia a “fucking ugly c***”.

7. Series 3: When Olivia lost her shit at Montana because she said she was being confrontational

Appropriately named ‘Hurricane Olivia’ this girl was not afraid to bite her tongue in an argument.

Here is one of her finest moments when she began shouting at Montana Brown because she wasn’t being confrontational (ironic).

The convo starts fairly chilled, however Liv gets straight to the point when she directly asks Montana if she was “digging” her out earlier in the day.

Skip to 1.44 to see when Liv starts to lose it:

Sheepishly Montana tries to stand her ground and talk to Liv calmly but it is quite clear Liv aint having it.

Then like the hurricane she is she then stormed through the whole villa tearing into anyone who was in her path.

6. Series 5: When Tom made the biggest dick head comment about taking Maura to the Hideaway

Hailed as the best moment of Love Island 2019 this argument deserves to be in the Top 10.

After winning a night in the Hideaway, eager Tom Walker shows off in front of the lads when he makes the infamous comment: “It’ll be interesting to see if she’s all mouth or not”.

Well our Queen Maura Higgins did not put up with that – and rightly so!

5. Series 5: When Tom made another dickhead comment 2.0 about Maura being “too much”

You’d have thought he’d have learned but nope, Tom proves once again why he is the biggest idiot and when Maura discovers he’s been saying shit behind her back she does not hold back.

In a showdown that takes place in the garden, in front of everyone, Tom really does not know when to shut up and tells Maura he only “initially” thought she was an attention seeker, a bit much and a drama queen.

Boy byeeeee.

4. Series 3: When Sam confronted Chris about being snakey

You easily forget that Liv wasn’t originally with Chris Hughes, but if you cast your minds back to the start of Series 3 she was coupled up with northern lad Sam Gowland.

When Chris entered the villa tensions defiantly soared when Sam thought Chris was snaking him behind his back for chatting up Liv.

Sam pulled Chris for a chat that soon turned very heated as Chris asked Sam to tell him what he had done that was snakey. Raging Sam was then held back by the other lads before shouting at Chris: “I’M FOOKIN TELLING YA RN’T AH”

Skip to 0.56 to see Sam pull Chris to the firepit for a chat:

3. Series 2: When Kady was locked in the Hideaway and went OFF at Scott (and Tina, and the rest of the villa, and the Hideaway)

Remember in Series 2 when Kady McDermott and Olivia Buckland got locked in the Hideaway whilst their boys Scott Thomas and Alex Bowen got taken out on hot new dates?

Well it definitely did NOT go down well with fiery pocket rocket Kady who literally exploded with anger and seemed to fight everything and everyone she could.

2. Series 2: The iconic moment when Jonny called Theo a “bellend”

The most dramatic re-coupling in Love Island history where not one, but TWO couples were torn apart.

Theo Campbell couples up with Tyler Carr, which leaves Jonny Mitchell no one to couple up with who he likes.

Shit then hits the fan when Jonny calls Theo a “gigantic bellend” in his re-coupling speech and Theo leaps up to start on Jonny.

Watch from 4.43 to witness this classic Love Island fight

But the winner for the most iconic Love Island fight goes to…

1. Series 2: When Malia was removed from the villa after arguing with Kady

Malia Arkian may not have had a long Love Island experience but she defiantly wins first place for having the most explosive time there.

After taking Scott on a date Malia returns to the villa to meet all the Islanders and is telling the girls about the date. Kady sits next to Malia and accidentally spills some wine on her leg, and in true Love Island style Malia explodes, giving us the most iconic moment in TV history.

Watch from 3.00 – and thank me later for being reminded of this:

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