These are the unis with the most outrageously expensive halls

Shock, not all of the highest rents are in London

The uni you go to could massively impact how much rent you pay, with some students forking out £219 per week whilst others only pay £89 every seven days.

A recent survey by Save the Student, a student money expert website who polled thousands of students in January this year, revealed LSE had the highest average rent cost of £219 per week.

The survey, which considers rent prices from university accommodation and privately owned houses, also revealed other unis that had a high rent charge included King's (£218 p/w) and UCL (£174 p/w).

It may be unsurprising that London did have some of the highest rents however Oxford Brookes had the fourth highest rent (£165 p/w), closely followed UEA (£157 p/w).

The eye-watering £127 difference between Aberdeen and LSE meant that the University of Aberdeen was the cheapest place to live as the average rent was £89 p/w.

Despite being in the same northern city the price of your accommodation can vary drastically. Newcastle University students will fork out an average of £128 p/w, whereas Northumbria students only £92 p/w.

Below is the table of the average weekly rent at each university:

On average a student pays £125 a week for their accommodation (£542 per month). However, the average maintenance loan is £125 which means many students are left out of pocket as they are unable to cover their living costs.

What are students saying

A Masters UCL student told The Tab how "if my parents didn't help financially support me I would not be able to afford her current accommodation".

She also added that a lot of her friends have been forced to take up part time work on top of their studies to cover their costs of living. She recalls how in her first year she was paying £228 a week for student halls accommodation, however now she knows students who are living in the same halls and are paying £249 a week.

What are unis doing?

LSE offers first years the opportunity to apply for a bursary that ranges from £750 to £2,500 if students have a household income below £25,000.

Oxford Brookes also offers a bursary scheme ranging from £500 – £1,500 that is available to all students whose yearly household income is below £35,000. For this bursary you do not need to apply as they will know if you are eligible from the figures provided to Student Loan.

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