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Love Island Gossip Column: Marvin is just USING Maura??! And Danny doesn’t even know Jourdan’s name

Three of the dumped Islanders say Marvin is playing a game

Welcome to The Tab's daily Love Island 2019 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web today.

Three dumped Islanders say Marvin is just USING Maura to stay in the villa

Marvin, who is currently coupled up with Maura, is playing a game, according to the newly dumped Islanders. Of the six Islanders who were unceremoniously dumped last night, three have come forward saying the 29-year-old personal trainer isn't genuinely attracted to her, and that he cracked on with her to avoid getting dumped from the villa early.

Dan said: "He was doing whatever it takes. He doesn't feel genuine towards Maura. I think it depends on how it pans out whether she'll realise that."

Dennon, who also tried to make progress with Maura, said: "I'm not sure he would be with her on the outside."

Stevie claims Marvin "changed strategy halfway through", adding: "I didn't think he liked Maura. I think he realised this was a way for him to get in. He's a lovely bloke but I definitely saw a change in direction."

George told Dennon Lucie isn't his usual type

The clearly not-at-all-bitter Dennon also spilled the tea on surprise new couple George and Lucie, revealing the former had told him Lucie was "not his usual type."

"He's with her because he's short of options," he added.

Arabella has officially ‘dumped’ Danny now that he’s started cracking on with Jourdan

Despite previously saying she would wait for Danny after she was dumped from the villa, Arabella has now decided it's not going to happen.

According to The Sun Online, "Arabella’s feelings for Danny were really genuine but she thinks he has shown his true colours now."

The source added: “They had an amazing connection when they were on the show and she had hoped they could make things work on the outside.

“But she did also make it clear she wouldn’t be made to look like a mug so it’s fair to say that things with Danny are well and truly over.

"She told pals that she won’t be starting off where they left off when he leaves the villa.”

Josh and Wes from last year’s series were laughing their heads off at the recoupling

One year on from his iconic ditching of Georgia Steel, Josh uploaded his reactions to the end of Casa Amor to his Instagram story. During the show, him and a mate laughed at Curtis's attempts to couple up with Jourdan, calling her "champs league" and him "Plymouth."

At one point during Curtis's botched chirpse, Josh's mate said: "This could work out. He could finesse the ting. Do it for the streets."

After the show, Josh FaceTimed fellow Love Island 2018 alumnus, Wes. He said: "Wes, it took one year – it took a whole entire year – for the nation to get over our behaviour, and now Michael's set us back a decade."

Wes replied: "We're back at square one."

Love Island USA is going to be a thing and the cast have been announced!!

The show will be hosted by a former Vine star, Arielle Vanderburg, and will be on CBS in America. No word on how to watch it in the UK, but you can have a good stalk of the cast here.

Danny called Jourdan ‘Jourdanna’ during the recoupling last night

Danny managed to beat out Curtis and Jordan last night to couple up with Jourdan, making this his third attempt at finding love in the villa.

During the recoupling however, a few fans noticed Danny mispronounced Jourdan's name, calling her "Jourdanna."

Could he have just gotten confused between Jourdan and Joanna? In any case, it hasn't stopped fans from questioning the legitimacy of the new couple's connection.

Holly Willoughby called Anna a hypocrite for arguing with Michael

To segway from one reaction to another, Holly Willoughby has also weighed in to give her two cents. Speaking with Kem on this morning, she said: "Anna didn't have a leg to stand on, did she?"

She also praised Jordan's handling of the rejection, adding: "Jordan handled it really well – he was a gent."

Michael has fucked it so badly even his mates running his socials are joking about it

It would appear the friends and family running the socials of Amber, Michael and Amy no longer give a single fuck. Case in point, whoever's running Michael's account joked his decision to leave Amber was the equivalent of "throwing away £50k."

Amy's account managed to get the phrase "oh Amy" trending on Twitter:

Those running the account were not happy with Curtis's attempts to get with Jourdan, tweeting: "You are no one's second choice," and retweeting the message "Amy deserves better!"

Amber's friends have gone IN on Michael

The prize has to go to Team Amber, who have been firing off some absolutely banging tweets recently. They reacted to Michael's recoupling by saying: "Wouldn’t trust Michael the firefighter to save me from a burning building…

"Might change his mind halfway through, say I’m too young, and leave me there."

They added: "As one of Amber’s friends, that was hard for me to watch.

"It’s not nice to see your friend in pain and biting their tongue not knowing what to say. But it looks like tomorrow Amber and Anna rip him a new arsehole, so it’s all good." Quite.

Curtis and Amy's parents are devastated over the drama

Speaking on This Morning, Amy's mum said: "She's fallen in love and been heartbroken in one day."

Meanwhile Curtis's mum was in tears on Curtis's brother's Instagram story – not because she was sad about everyone ragging on him, but because of how much Amy said she missed him. Debi said they were "happy tears".

People are genuinely questioning whether some of the new Islanders ever existed ???

In total, six Islanders left the villa after the last recoupling. Among them were Stevie and Dennon, both of whom we saw shooting their shot with Lucie and Maura respectively. But do you honestly remember Dan, Lavena, Nabila, and Maria?

The four Islanders were so deprived of screen time that many fans questioned whether they had been on the show at all:

Elma only lied about her age to the other Islanders, not to the producers

Last week, the biggest bit of goss was Elma lying about her age – claiming she was 23, and not 26.

Elma has since clarified the situation, admitting she only lied about her age to her fellow Islanders, not the producers.

Maura turned down Love Island in 2018, but producers ‘begged’ her to sign up this year

James Finnegan, Maura's ex-fiancé, has ratted her out to The Irish Sun, revealing she turned down the opportunity to appear on the show last year.

He said: "She was asked to go on the show last year. I don't know why she turned it down. She probably always considered doing it."

Amber predicted Michael's betrayal from their very first date!!!

Everyone is still trying to wrap their head around Michael's U-turn while the girls were in Casa Amor, but one person who called it from the get-go was Amber.

On their very first date, Amber said she was initially wary of Michael, telling him: "Just looking at you, you just look like you're gonna ruin a girl's life."

The ex Islanders are now all doing tragic #sponcon for 'Skinny Sauce'

The scramble for post-villa bread continues, and both Callum and Sherif have been busy uploading sponsored posts for "Skinny Sauce":

As an aside, Elma has become the third dumped Islander to pose with a fistful of car air-fresheners:

Apparently, they're "so pretty and smelly." Wow.

Nadia Essex wants to launch ‘Love Island for real people’

Nadia Essex, the former boss of Celebs Go Dating, has said she's brainstorming ideas for a Love Island style show aimed at people who genuinely want love, and not the fame being on a high profile reality show brings.

Speaking to The Daily Star, she said: "I'd just have normal people with normal jobs – no influencers or models, and if you've got over 50,000 social media followers you wouldn't be allowed to apply.

"I'd also want to film the whole process, including the aftercare, so viewers can see it all for themselves. I'm brainstorming ideas at the moment."

Was Elma and Callum's date a PR stunt???

Last week, we mentioned Elma and Callum went on a date to a London restaurant – a story which also appeared in about a dozen tabloids. Curiously, the name of the restaurant was mentioned quite early on in every one of them despite it not being a key detail.

Now, we're not saying this could have been a bit of sneaky PR on behalf of the restaurant, but we did get an email asking if we could add the name and some links into last week's column.

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