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Glasto covered in litter hours after David Attenborough gives speech on plastic



Glastonbury is now over, which is great because now you'll get to hear your mates who went yapping on about how great it was from now until you die of belated FOMO. Woo!

While they were having a blast – getting mashed on delicious drugs, sipping lukewarm tinnys, and dancing along to Stormzy, you know what else they were doing? Killing the planet.

Yup – less than a day after Sir David Attenborough praised the festival and those attending it for going plastic free, pictures showing the heaps and heaps of non-degradable waste left behind have emerged.

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The theme of the festival this year was climate change and the environment. Single use plastic bottles were banned, and water was provided on site in metal cans.

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Sir David Attenborough even showed up on the Pyramid Stage to play the crowd some clips from his upcoming TV show, Seven Worlds, as well as audio from Blue Planet 2.

He told them: "Those extraordinary marvellous sounds you've just been listening to were the sounds of the creatures that live in the sea and the great oceans.

"You may have heard some of them in a series that went out two years ago called Blue Planet 2."

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He continued: "There was one sequence in Blue Planet 2 which everyone seems to remember. It was one in which we showed what plastic has done to the creatures that live in the ocean.

"They have an extraordinary effect. And now, this great festival has gone plastic-free. That is more than a million bottles of water that have not been drunk by you at Glastonbury.

"Thank you. Thank you."

These are the picture of the Glastonbury festival clean up:

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