Arabella says she doesn’t regret stepping on Yewande’s toes

Lol okay Arrivederci

Unless you are deeply uncool and don't watch Love Island, you'll know who left Love Island: Tom and Arabella.

After our votes saved three of the seven couples, the remaining four were left the the mercy of their fellow Islanders, so it's probably no shock to see the two least popular contestants sent home.

While they wait in isolation, slowly learning about the mean things Twitter has been saying about them, they've found time to spill scalding hot tea and we've got the best bits from their exit interview:

Tom admits he should have been more honest with Maura

"I said what I said about her being OTT etc. because it was early days and I was sound boarding off people. I perhaps should have just been straight from the off."

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He also really regrets the Hideaway comment

"I just got ahead of myself and I made an out of character remark."

Despite very obviously messing up a lot, he wasn't expecting to go

"We knew something was going to happen. Caroline hadn’t dropped in for a while.

"But I thought maybe some new guys were coming in. I didn’t see a dumping like that coming.

"I thought it was between me and Danny when it came to it."

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Tom reckons Curtis and Amy, and Michael and Amber can go the distance

"I think there are four good couples in there – Curtis and Amy, who seem really solid.

"Michael and Amber. Michael really likes Amber. She keeps him on his toes but I think she really likes him.

"I’m not sure about Jordan and Anna because it’s so fresh but he does really like her.

"Tommy and Molly-Mae spend so much time together. They’re like the same person. It’s rare you get Tommy by himself without Molly-Mae being there. They seem really legit."

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He doesn't know if Molly-Mae is playing a game

"Off the back of the Twitter challenge the other day with the comments about Molly-Mae, there were a few seeds planted.

"Whether she’s changed and fallen in love with Tommy, only they know. I didn’t see it initially for myself though."

Arabella said she doesn't regret the way she handled things with Danny

"I think I did everything in the right way. Going in there I knew it would be difficult going for Danny but I did it the right way. I had a chat with Yewande first."

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"All the girls reassured me when I left that I had done everything right. I feel like everybody saw me and Danny blossom so will understand we were right for each other.

"After Yewande left. It felt like I was being looked at as a big bad wolf, even though I had just gone in there and followed my feelings."

She says she would be the person the Islanders 'would miss the least'

"I was still surprised though. I think the boys thought the girls would choose Danny, because of the Yewande situation."

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Whether Danny will leave the villa to be with Arabella is something she's not sure of

"That decision is with him. He was gutted when I left and said I had given him the best week of his life.

"It’s up to him though. If he does stay he might be scared of jeopardising things with us."

Lucie was her best friend in the villa, which surprised Arabella as they shared an ex in Charlie Frederick

"The highlights were becoming so close to Lucie, which was a bit of a shock to me.

"She was the one I thought I might have less of a friendship with because of having dated the same guy outside of the villa."

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Arabella says Amy and Curtis are most likely to win

"I feel like Amy is a bit misunderstood but when you’re with her 24/7 you can see how into each other they are. They just connect.

"They are different but the same. Their quirkiness makes them who they are. They are the most unique couple I have ever seen."

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"I would maybe say Amber and Michael may struggle when they are tested – they are quite different in their personalities and Amber isn’t as open as Michael.

"They will either be made much stronger as a result of being tested, or will go the other way."

Both Tom and Arabella will be on Aftersun on Sunday 30th June at 10pm on ITV2.

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