These are UK’s four biggest BNOCs, now vote for the 2019 champion

There can only be one

Not every one can be a BNOC. There's a certain je ne sais quoi mysticism about people who manage to stand out the sea of thousands of students, and be the popular kid in such a big community. But people manage it nonetheless.

This year's nominees took in a guy who tried to conquer Soton SU with sheer vibe alone, YouTube celebrities, and some guy from Cambridge whose mate sent us a 500-word email moaning about his nomination.

Last week, we asked you to vote for the biggest BNOC in the entire country, from a pool of the biggest names in local BNOC competitions. Over 10,000 votes were cast across the two heats – it was brutal, and we salute those who didn't make the cut.

But none of that matters now, because these are the four biggest BNOCs in the country. Read about their antics below, and vote for the ultimate winner:

Zoë Dixon, Birmingham

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Zoë, you're in the final with Farhan Chin, do you reckon you'll beat him a second time?

Who knows? Farhan is a people's man. There was a lot of controversy last time so maybe people will vote differently, but I guess we will see!

What would you say defines a BNOC?

Well I reckon it's someone people can get on with and relate to, someone who's easy to know and fun to be around (hopefully lol).

What would you do to celebrate if you win?

Same as last time – big fat pizza and a slushie, and maybe some drinks with my mates.

What would you say to Fab n Fresh to convince them to vote for you?

I think I'd probably not say anything to convince them – they should vote for who they think deserves it more! Obviously I'd love their vote, but I'm clearly up against some worthy candidates, and I'm already gobsmacked that I've got this far!

Jade Brewer, York

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Do you think you have what it takes to beat the guy who falsely claimed to have crapped on the floor of a club?

I literally don’t know how to respond to that. Why would they lie about something about that?

York students don't tend to fare well in these sorts of votes. How does it feel to be representing?

There’s a lot of pressure, York gets a lot of bad rep socially. But the pints are cheap, the people are class and at least we’re not Durham.

What does it take to be a BNOC in a place like York?

Just like any other place to be honest. Being sporty and involved in lots of roles to do with the University certainly helps! You’re always going to recognise someone on a night out because the clubs are small so if you’re a mess like me you’re easily recognisable.

What would you do if you won?

I would start up my own condom brand with the catchphrase: “When Shits-a-brewin, just get screwin,” to ensure everyone makes the most of their time at uni safely.

Harry 'Dennis McNennis' Norris, Southampton

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Obviously The Tab has spoken to you a lot about your antics in Southampton. How does it feel to be on a national platform like this?

It’s hilarious. Can’t believe our little ruffle has gone all this way all these months later, also a lot of pride – representing Soton and that.

You've beaten past a lot of famous Soton BNOCs to get this far – including president Hen and the guy who found the Lodge Road Sleeper. Do you have any words for them?

Beating Henry Hill was a big surprise to be fair, but I guess it shows people just enjoy the pure stupidity of our story.

Have you thought a lot about the person whose shit you owned up to?

I can’t say it keeps me up at night no.

What will you do if you win?

Be well chuffed. Don’t know if it’s the kind of thing you’d put on your CV though.

Anything you'd like to say to your competitors?

Enjoy it, because this is where our lives peak.

Do you still go by the name Dennis McNennis?

As and when I need to. I have many other pseudonyms.

Any good ones?

Home friends call me Baldy Bald. Uni mates call me Noms. So take your pick.

Farhan Chin, Birmingham

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You famously didn't make it to the final in Birmingham – does this feel like vindication?

A lot of people told me that going for Brum wasn't enough.

My opinion in the matter? – "Ah shit, here we go again."

Do you have anything to say to the loyal fans who've gotten you this far?

Yeah! Seriously, as much as it's a bit overwhelming being dragged around by people on every night out I am extremely grateful for them acknowledging and supporting me even though I am (at the time) an international freshman.

An even greater thanks to everyone that helped me power through the troubles I had this year! To those who were disappointed with the results in Brum – I know that we can make it this time around!

Vote for your ultimate 2019 BNOC below!

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