The Love Island gene pool: Introducing the fit siblings of the Love Island cast

Thanks for nothing mum and dad!!1!

It’s pretty much impossible to be a contestant on Love Island if you’re not at least a 9/10 on the attractiveness scale. If you’re expected to go up against a villa full of worldies to find love, then you’ve got to bring your absolute A -game.

Although many of the Islanders have had some suspicious glow-ups, if their siblings are anything to go by, there’s no denying that their good looks are in their DNA.

Why not ruin your day and take a dive into the fit Islander gene pool to make you feel really pissed off with your parents for not giving you a better face:

Emily Airton, Lucie’s sister

Emily is a freelance model and surfer, just like her sister, Lucie Donlan. She also works as the Social Media and Marketing Assistant for Cornish surf shop, Ann’s Cottage.

She is obviously really, really fit, going for the same blonde, beachy vibe as Lucie. For God’s sake NO ONE TELL JOE she exists.

AJ Pritchard, Curtis’s brother

You might recognise AJ, because he’s Curtis Pritchard’s more famous, and better looking (verified) older brother.

AJ is a regular on Strictly Come Dancing, and has danced with gymnast, Claudia Fragapane, The Saturdays’ Mollie King and Paralympian Lauren Steadman – although he’s yet to actually win Strictly. Maybe he should listen to some of Curtis’ motivational speaking?

Lauren Gill, Amber’s sister

Although she doesn’t look a whole lot like her sister, Amber Gill, Lauren is still out of this world.

She’s also a fitness coach and has competed in bodybuilding competitions, so she’s got the rig to match. Not an intimidating pair of sisters at all, nonononono!

Mandi Vakili, Anna’s sister

I struggled to find pictures of Mandi for a long time, because I thought her Instagram was just full of pictures of Anna Vakili. Turns out they just look incredibly, incredibly similar, i.e., incredibly good.

Honestly, who is who here? Someone explain.

Tyson Fury, Tommy’s brother

It might be playing fast and loose with the term ‘good looking’ here but a) that depends on your taste, b) none of the other siblings have done a GQ cover, and c) big brother and very famous boxer Tyson Fury is Tommy Fury’s main claim to fame so he HAS to go in here.

From looking at both Tommy and Tyson’s Instagrams it’s difficult to ascertain whether the two have ever actually met each other. Still, Tommy was bursting at the seams to tell the other Islanders within the first five seconds of appearing on Love Island, so that seems good enough.

Zoe Hague, Molly-Mae’s sister

I wonder if Maura would have chilled out when trying to steal Tommy if she knew that Zoe, Molly–Mae Hague’s sister, is also in the army ? It’s a lot of chaotic energy to tame, but just wondering, that’s all…

Special mention: Molly-Mae’s Dad

Image may contain: Apparel, Clothing, Face, Woman, Female, Person, Girl, Blonde, Teen, Kid, Human, Child

Mollie-May’s dad is fit. Sorry. Look at his daughters. Look at them. GOOD. GENES. Here he is helping Molly out with one of her ill-fated YouTube videos. FIT DAD.

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