Ranked: The Love Islanders with the most fake Instagram followers

Maura has the least and I for one am shocked

All the Love Islanders have three things in common: dodgy relationship histories, inhuman good looks, and a legion of loyal Insta fans. Or, so we thought, as this year’s Love Island cast have hundreds of thousands of fake Instagram followers.

Research by Takumi shows Amber is the worst offender with over 300,000 fake followers. Surprisingly “chaotic queen” Maura has the least amount – which, at 45 per cent, is still relatively high.

So, with 3,963,540 fake followers between them, here’s the tea:

Amber Rose Gill – 65 per cent fake followers

Total followers: 535k

Fake followers: 347,750

Amber’s no-nonsense, all-men-are-trash-until-proven-otherwise personality was a serious breath of fresh air in an otherwise love sick house. But turns out Amber has a snakey side (online) with 65 per cent fake followers.

Jordan Hames – 65 per cent fake followers

Total followers: 34k

Fake followers: 22,100

I thought Anna had finally found a decent guy in Jordan. But no, no, no looks like he’s just as shady as the other ones. Maybe he found some fake followers to boost his modelling career?

Yewande Biala – 64 per cent fake followers

Total followers: 365k

Fake followers: 233,600

Oh, Yewande. You were supposed to be the good, level-headed one. The one that didn’t turn their head, or cheat. But now we all know the truth – it is what it is, and I’m disappointed.

Joe Garratt – 64 per cent fake followers

Total followers: 412k

Fake followers: 263,680

I’m not even surprised. Next.

Michael Griffiths – 63 per cent fake followers

Total followers: 478k

Fake followers: 303,140

Like Amber, there is only disappointment to see Michael so far up the fake follower ranking, with 63 per cent fake followers.

Callum McLeod – 62 per cent fake followers

Total followers: 243k

Fake followers: 150,660

With his five minutes of fame well and truly over, Callum is clearly in denial. PaYiNg FoR fOlLoWeRs DoEs’nT mAke ThEm YoUr FrIeNds. Poor bloke.

Tommy Fury – 60 per cent fake followers

Total followers: 971k

Fake followers: 582,600

Tommy lives, breathes and sleeps boxing – that’s it. How can you not know how to make a cup of tea or a sandwich yet somehow figure out how to rig your Insta followers??? He needs to seriously reconsider his priorities.

Danny Williams – 59 per cent fake followers

Total followers: 101k

Fake followers: 59,590

Apparently endless ab shots were not enough for Danny to get some organic follower growth.

Amy Hart – 59 per cent fake followers

Total followers: 447k

Fake followers: 263,730

Whether you love her or hate her, it’s clear that Amy’s not as she seems. But here’s the real question: Do you think she’s faked more tears, or more followers?

Lucie Rose Donlan – 56 per cent fake followers

Total followers: 875k

Fake followers: 479,920

With all those incredibly fit pics it’s surprising Luce even felt like she needed to get fake followers. Maybe one of the 400,000 real followers on her account will be her next Love Island lover. But not Charlie Fredrick, he’s had his time.

Anna Vakili – 53 per cent fake followers

Total followers: 495k

Fake followers: 262,350

After weeks calling out the Islanders for being fake, Anna seriously needs to have a reality check. At least when Sherif was on the show, Anna could claim that ONE of her followers wasn’t fake.

Molly Mae Hague – 53 per cent fake followers

Total followers: 701k

Fake followers: 371,530

When every other influencer is taller than you, blonder than you and does even bigger clothes hauls than you, there’s really only one option. Splash the cash and buy the fame.

Anton Danyluk – 52 per cent fake followers

Total followers: 342k

Fake followers: 117,840

I’m surprised Anton can even afford fake followers after his daily waxing appointments. Those eyebrows take work.

Curtis Pritchard – 52 per cent fake followers

Total followers: 588k

Fake followers: 305,760

Nooooooo!!!!!! Is no one good in the world anymore??? The nation’s favourite love guru has over 50 per cent fake followers. This is a man who can’t be trusted!!!!

Tom Walker – 50 per cent fake followers

Image may contain: Pants, Face, Skin, Man, Clothing, Apparel, Human, Person

Credit: Tom Walker

Total followers: 29.9k

Fake followers: 14,950

Tom may be the new guy on the island, but he clearly knows some old tricks. But then again, if you’re willing to pose naked with a glitter ball for fame, you’re willing to do anything.

Maura Higgins – 45 per cent fake followers

Total followers: 322k

Fake followers: 144,900

In last place is Maura with 45 per cent fake followers, and if you’re not as surprised as I am you are clearly watching the wrong show.

All follower counts were correct at the time of publication.

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