Quiz: How much of a snake are you?

Curtis got 90 per cent in this quiz

It is unforgivable when you’ve spotted someone you like on a night out, and your “best friend” says they fancy them too. There’s the initial pause as you look into their eyes to see if they’re joking, but as the seconds, minutes and hours pass, you realise they are being deadly serious.

A code has been broken, a lot like when Molly-Mae Hague started confessing her love for “tall” Danny Williams on Love Island right after Yewande had come back from her date with him. Despite Molly-Mae already playing off Tommy and Anton, she decided to snake Yewande who confessed he was the only guy in the villa she actually fancied, and started going for Danny herself.

Other snakey behaviour has been showcased in Curtis Pritchard, who’s been playing Francesca and Maura off one another. He’s tucked up under the covers with Fran one night and giving Maura a massage the next.

This is 12/10 beg behaviour – is it ringing true for you? Take this quiz to find out how much of a snake you are:

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