This British YouTuber has been reading suicide notes for clicks

Meet 20-year-old Carmie Sellitto

Carmie Sellitto has been called "the Katie Hopkins of YouTube" after being accused of click-baiting suicide and glorifying incest on YouTube.

In the past two years, the 20-year-old from Surrey has uploaded videos such as "Reading My Brother's Suicide Note", "Reading People's Suicide Notes", "Kissing my cousin", "Truth or Dare with My Little Sister" which shows him "kissing his sister" on the video's thumbnail and now people are calling him out for it.

Last week, he was criticised by another YouTuber called JaackMaate, who made a video accusing Carmie of click-baiting suicide and incest.

He said: "This guy fully believes that he can title his videos however he wants, as long as he doesn't do the horrible shit that the title implies, then he's off the hook."

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From the video "Reading my brother's suicide note"

For example, the video in which he "reads his brother's suicide note", Carmie is actually reading someone else's suicide note found by his brother.

He's also been called insensitive for saying the following in an another suicide note video: "And without further ado, let’s react to some people’s suicide notes. I just want to say like, rest in peace to everyone who’s killed themselves, it’s sad that you’ve done that."

Furthermore, reading out people's suicides notes is a dangerous breach of the guidelines around suicide reporting. The Samaritans advise against reporting the contents of a suicide note. When talking of suicide, the charity recommends to aim for sensitive, non sensationalising coverage.

Or the video in which he claims to "kiss his sister". He does kiss a girl but it's not entirely clear if she is his sister.

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Carmie has previously mentioned in a video that he exaggerates the titles of his YouTube videos "for clout." He said: "All my social media has boosted up and everyone is talking about me.

"It's just so funny to me that I can instantly think of a dumb idea, make a video on it and just get clout from it, like it went big. I'm just sat here watching it go up and I'm like eyyy, it feels good to be me."

His ignorance extends to click-baiting The Holocaust. Carmie claimed to be at an abandoned concentration camp, when he was actually in Milland, Chichester. He says in the video: "Apparently we're in some concentration kind of camp. Imagine if we see Hitler."

He later adds in the video: "So this is a gas chamber from when Jesus died" and asks "Wait are Jews bad people? I'm really confused right now."

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Last year Carmie was called out for filming himself have a bath in bleach. A few days later he posted a video saying that "obviously it wasn't bleach, I'm not stupid."

He has a young audience, so he's been criticised for encouraging his fans to engage in stupid behaviour. In response, Carmie has defended these videos by saying all of those videos are old and that he was 17 at the time.

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Carmie pretended to bathe himself in bleach last year

The Tab reached out to Carmie, but he did not respond. Instead Carmie addressed all of the criticism in his latest video "Responding to JaackMaate."

He said: "All of those videos are years old, some of them are coming up to three years old, which would make me 17 at the time.

“Okay, maybe what I did and the way I titled my stuff probably wasn’t the best idea, but like I’m not being funny but does everyone not make mistakes?

“I’m 17 when I filmed the video, I literally don’t know myself here. The reason for me knowing nothing is because I hadn’t actually met my YouTube friends. My YouTube friends have taught me so much, they’ve taught me everything I need to know about life. We’ve all grown up now.”

He was also flattered to be compared to Katie Hopkins. He said: “That’s kind of iconic because I find Katie Hopkins really funny. Just the fact that she’s a massive troll, so yeah I take that.”

Although he hasn't removed the YouTube videos, he said: “I didn’t know any better. I am admitting that.”

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