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Lewis Capaldi has been spotted serving up sausage rolls in Greggs

We don’t deserve him

Just days after Lewis Capaldi was spotted getting the pints in at a student club, he's now doing a shift at Greggs.

Yep, Lewis Capaldi is dressed in a full Greggs uniform (hairnet included), and is serving up sausage rolls to people heading to BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend in Middlesborough.

Apparently he's been telling people he's on work experience at the Stokesley Road outlet, and everyone is loving it. He even performed an exclusive new original song "I Love Greggs", outside the front of the shop.

He's been serving up food in specially branded "Capaldis" bags, that the shop has been using for the weekend.

People on Twitter have been going wild for it. One person said: "I’m far to hungover to be hearing that Lewis Capaldi is working in Greggs at Marton eh."

Another said: "Lmaooooo Lewis Capaldi in Boro town dressed up as a member of staff from Greggs this weekend is just getting better."

What did we do to deserve this man?

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