All the clever details you may have missed in the Game of Thrones finale

The episode was low-key full of Easter eggs

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Game of Thrones is finally over and the season finale has received very mixed reactions. Some loved the ending while others thought it was too rushed and left a lot of plot holes.

But regardless of what you might think, these are all the clever little details you may have missed during the finale:

The show's intro showed the destruction of King's Landing and the Lannister lion was missing above the Iron Throne

The opening credits always reflect the current situation is in the series. When the Army of the Dead marched south a few episodes back, they showed exactly where they were on the map. And in the final opening credits, the Lannister lion above the Iron Throne is smashed.

The wooden toy horse makes another appearance in this episode, only this time it looks charred

Most likely signifying the death of its owner, who was the little girl Arya tried to save.

Dany's braids have evolved as she won more battles throughout the series

Dany's rage-fuelled speech to the Dothraki makes a reference to the original promise Khal Drogo gave her

Khal Drogo once told Dany that his army would kill his "enemies in iron suits" and "tear down their stone houses" in season one. She references this speech in season six and in the finale.

Dany finally gets to touch the Iron Throne once before she died and this mirrors her vision in The House of the Undying

Maybe she always knew sitting on the Iron Throne was too good to be true.

Dany dies in a very similar way to her father, in the exact same spot

The Mad King killed Aerys II in the back, whereas Jon Snow stabbed Daenerys in the front. Exactly in the same spot her father died.

Grey Worm decides to go to Naath where Missandei is from

He sticks to his word that he'd go there after the war was over.

Arya has wanted to explore "west of Westeros" all the way back in season six

When talking to Lady Crane, Arya asks what's west of Westeros, Lady Crane tells her it could be the edge of the world and Arya says she'd like to see it.

The Iron Throne was forged by a dragon and destroyed by a dragon

Balerion was the first dragon to conquer Westeros and forge the Iron Throne. Drogon was the one to melt it down. Amazing.

Urmmm Robin Arryn is all grown up??

Wait wait wait. That's the guy who was breastfed to adulthood?! Was he always this good looking? And did he always have such luscious locks?

Brienne fulfils Jaime's dream of having more of his great deeds recorded

This was a callback to a scene in season four in which Jaime and Brienne stood near the Book of Brothers and Jaime told her, "It's the duty of the Lord Commander to fill those pages. There's still room left on mine." She writes in it that Jaime dies protecting his Queen.

Podrick finally gets knighted!!!

It's Ser Podrick to you now.

Tyrion has been telling the "jackass and honeycomb" jokes for YEARS

No one knows how it actually ends either. But he makes the joke in season one when he's held prisoner by Lysa Arryn. Then he makes the same joke again when he's with Missandei and Grey Worm, but he's interrupted and can't finish it again. People think the joke is actually a variation of the dirty "12-inch pianist" joke, which sounds like one Tyrion would definitely enjoy telling.

Jon looks pretty identical to how he looked in the first episode

He's let his hair go wild and is back in his "crow" cloak. He's just a few years older and a lot more traumatised now.

Game of Thrones starts with the Starks and ends with the Starks

We're introduced to the Starks in the very first episode and the finale ends with the Starks. The show also starts with a scene of the Night's Watch men heading beyond the Wall and ends in the same way. Amazing.

Brienne has a new raven sigil on her guard to represent the King Bran the Broken

Sansa's coronation dress makes references to the North

The Weirwood leaves stitched on her dress represent the magical red tree that stands in Winterfell. A protector and a true fashion icon.

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