People are destroying their James Charles palettes after he got cancelled

BYE sister x

Over the weekend 19-year-old beauty YouTuber James Charles was cancelled in the most savage way possible by his former mentor Tati Westbrook.

Buried under accusations of predatory behaviour and personal betrayal, James has since shed nearly three million subscribers. Tati’s subscriber count has essentially doubled.

To add insult to injury, fans are now destroying the Morphe palette James launched last year. At the time the palette (retailing £39) was hailed as a big success and sold out twice. However fans are now distancing themselves from it.

The mundane among them are binning them or just outright burning them, but the true creatives are painting their own designs over the palette.

Where is this happening, you ask? On TikTok obviously, where most of James’s disaffected teenage fans hang out. Marvel at their creativity below:

The best ones involve people brutally destroying them

Some have even been done ASMR style

Granted this happened in March but just look at that thumbnail.

Others involve people smearing the palette on their arms???

Some of have painted legitimately lovely stuff over the front

One drew James as a clown

Some have even turned the palette into faux Tati merch

And finally, some have even suggested less problematic palettes we can all use

James Charles has not spoken publicly since he uploaded an apology video. He has recently been sighted in an airport in Brisbane, Australia.

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