JLS’s Oritse is on trial for allegedly raping a fan – the evidence given so far

The alleged rape happened in his hotel room after a concert

A former member of JLS is on trial, accused of raping a 20-year-old woman, and allowing his tour manager to assault her.

The trial started on Monday and is expected to last five days.

Oritse Williams, whose band were runners-up on The X Factor in 2008, is alleged to have plied the victim with alcohol after a solo concert in December 2016 before sexually assaulting her in his hotel room. She told officers she lay "like a dead body," wanting it to stop.

The 32-year-old is currently appearing in Wolverhampton Crown Court alongside his tour manager, Jamien Nagadhana. Williams and his co-defendant deny charges of sexual assault and assault by penetration respectively.

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Oritse Williams appearing in court today (Image credit: SWNS)

The jury is comprised of four men and eight women. On the first day of the trial the were all asked to confirm they did not personally know the defendants, or any of the 14 witnesses.

On the third day of the trial, the prosecution opened. This is all the evidence presented so far:

Williams met the girls in the VIP area of a club after a solo concert

Jurors were told the alleged victim queued up with three other fans in a club to meet Williams. The prosecution lawyer, Miranda Moore QC, said he had given the girls free drinks in the club's VIP area after telling her she "should be a Victoria Secret model".

The court was shown Snapchat footage of one of the women grinding on Williams's lap. Two women were also filmed kissing for the video.

The prosecution told the court the three women had been "dancing and mucking about" with the JLS singer. The victim claims the three women were "drunk, but not paralytic drunk."

The victim said: "I was kissing my friend and he jumped in and started to put his tongue in and we told him to stop it.

"He started grabbing us on the bums whilst we were sat down, it just went really weird in a split second."

He is then said to have pressured two of the girls to come back to his hotel room

After the women decided to leave the club, Williams is said to have been "pushy" in getting them to come back his hotel.

"My friends said no because they had boyfriends so I think he just latched on to me," the victim said.

She told police: "He [Williams] put his arm around me and we were walking out. I was telling him 'I need to get my stuff out of the locker room,' but he was having none of it. He was edging me out.

"Then we got into a taxi, he didn't force me in but he was really pushy."

One of women was sent home in a separate taxi, while the other two went back with Williams to the Ramada Hotel, where he allegedly assaulted her "almost as soon as they had got into the hotel room."

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The victim claims Williams assaulted her after she returned to the hotel room to get her phone

The prosecution told the court: "Mr Williams tired to have sex with her. He had his trousers down and had a condom on.

"The victim said no and she didn't want to have sex with him."

After the victim communicated explicitly to Williams that she did not want to have sex with him, her and her friend left the room, the court heard. One of the women was said to have a "panic attack in the corridor."

According to a member of the hotel's staff who saw them, the two women were seen looking "spaced out and zombified."

Realising she had left her phone behind, the victim then returned to the room to retrieve it, a decision described by the prosecution as a "grave mistake."

Williams is alleged to have "effectively jumped on her." The prosecution told the court: "He picked her up and pushed her down on the double bed."

The court heard Williams told the victim she had a nice bum and to have called her baby, before giving her oral sex.

Oritse is alleged to have only stopped when the victim started crying

Police were told the victim told Williams to "p*ss off" and "f*ck off", before eventually going still. She said: "I felt more pathetic, if that makes sense. I just felt worthless.

"I just felt I wanted it to be over. He didn't stop until I started crying, I just got my stuff and left."

The victim is said to have run out of William's room, after which hotel staff put her in the room where she could calm down.

Police were called and both Oritse Williams and Jamien Ramada were arrested the following day.

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Williams and his tour manager deny all charges

Williams claims the victim and her friend instigated sexual activity, and that they had wanted to go back to the hotel room in the first place. Williams told police the victim had been annoyed at him for suffering performance issues and that he hadn't been able to keep going.

He told police: "I'm the artist. I think both of them, they both kind of wanted to be involved with me in some degree."

Tour manager, Jamien Nagadhana, is also accused of assault by penetration. The victim told police he sat "just watching" while the alleged rape was occurring. Williams told police Nagadhana was asleep at the time and had "nothing to do with it".

Both Oritse Williams and Jamien Nagadhana deny the allegations.

The trial continues.

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