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Kaz and Theo from Love Island are dating!!!

Wait, WHAT?!


Kaz Crossley and Theo Campbell from Love Island are dating. There were rumours flying around the pair as they both went on a trip to Thailand with other reality stars, but it’s now been confirmed by a source that Kaz and Theo are together!!

Theo was in Love Island 2017, remember him? He's the one that tried to steal Tyla from Jonny Mitchell and then Jonny called him a "a certain gigantic bell end". Then he did that iconic impression of Jonny in the beach hut. The last we heard of him was in Chris and Kem's song, Little Bit Leave It, where they ask: "Who the fuck is Theo?" But now he's with Kaz!

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via Instagram @kazcrossley

A source told OK! online the pair are together, but it’s early days. They said: "Kaz and Theo are dating, but they’re in the early days of a relationship.

"They’re seeing how things go and taking it day by day. They’re having fun and getting to know each other.

"It’s not exclusive but they like each other's company. However, with so many commitments like sponsorship deals and TV shows, they don’t have a lot of time together.

"So for the time being, they’re having a bit of fun."

Kaz and Theo posted a photo together on a Muay Thai fitness retreat, which was what first got people talking. Comments included: "I hope they’re together. Theo's a sweetheart" and "I knew it ?" as fans speculated if they were dating. The rumour mill wasn't helped by Stephen Bear, who was on the retreat with them, commenting: "What an amazing couple."

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Stephen Bear, Georgia Harrison, Kaz and Theo in Thailand via Instagram @theo_campbell91

They've since been pictured at the launch event for Georgia Harrison’s GHX Style event in London, and leaving restaurants together.

Kaz left Love Island 2018 in a relationship with fellow Islander Josh Denzel. They announced their split around six months later. Then it was revealed the couple had been over for weeks, and went on a PR holiday together, despite their break-up.

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Kaz and her ex, Josh Denzel via Instagram @kazcrossley

When they split, Kaz posted a photo on her Instagram captioned: "Sometimes things don’t go the way you planned, but you have to be grateful for the journey. Thank you for everything especially showing me how to love myself again."

Theo was on Love Island 2017, and left the villa alone. Looks like his luck could be in now though!!! Just going to leave this one here:

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