Made In Chelsea’s Charlie Mills said he was going to ‘f***ing rape’ a woman on Instagram

He uploaded the video to his 37,000 followers

Made In Chelsea's star Charlie Mills filmed and uploaded a video of himself saying he was going to "f***ing rape" a woman on Instagram last night.

The video shows the banking heir in a taxi, on his way home after a night out with a friend and a female companion.

He introduces his friend and turns the camera to a young woman who they were sharing the car with before saying: "This is our sexy b**** who we are going to f***ing rape tonight."

Charlie has since turned his Instagram account on private.

Since posting the video, Charlie has apologised "wholeheartedly", telling Mail Online: "I made a truly tasteless comment. What I said was unacceptable, and I sincerely apologise for the offence caused by my childish and insensitive remark."

He added: "Also, it was obviously a drunken comment. I have enormous respect for all women."

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A statement issued on his behalf said: "Charlie apologies wholeheartedly for the comment he made to a friend on his social media this week.

"He now understands how offensive and upsetting his comment was, and is truly apologetic.

"Charlie has decided to take some time away from social media to reflect on his actions."

Charlie was banned from driving last month after drinking four G&Ts and accidentally calling the police when he fell out of his Range Rover.

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