N-Dubz are getting back together and releasing NEW music!!!


Grab a Smirnoff Ice and plan a house party, because N-Dubz are getting back together, and will be releasing new music!!! The N-Dubz reunion has been confirmed by Tulisa Contostavlos, and her fellow band member Fazer has said they plan to release new songs.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Tulisa Contostavlos said: “One day, I’m sure it will come. When the time is right.”

“It will come one day!”

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Fazer has also said the N-Dubz reunion is definitely happening. He said: "100 per cent, that's definitely going to come really soonish. Not right now, we've all got individual things we’re focusing on at the minute, but obviously it's all about timing."

Fazer has also tweeted about the news, saying the band aren't "like Steps" and won't call their comeback a reunion. He confirmed it won't just be a reunion style tour like some other bands do, it will definitely include new music.

The band, from Camden, broke up back in 2012. Their hits were the soundtrack to house parties and the songs everyone would Bluetooth to their mates in the playground from their Sony Ericsson. Some of their biggest hits include: I Swear, Ouch, I Need You, Papa Can You Hear Me, Playing With Fire, Girls and Best Behaviour. If the new songs even come close to being as iconic as these, it's great news.

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Here's an N-Dubz reunion inspired playlist, if you're feeling really nostalgic:

The list of bangers N-Dubz released could go on forever, so to get you in the mood for when the trio make new stuff, here's some of their old songs to remember the good times with.

You're welcome x

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