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Sophie Gradon died by suicide, her inquest confirms

Her family previously said they didn’t believe she took her own life

Sophie Gradon from Love Island 2016, died by suicide, an inquest has confirmed today.

She was found dead at her parents’ home in Northumberland on June 20th last year. At the time, the 32-year-old's death was not treated as suspicious.

Today, coroners ruled there was no third party involvement in Sophie Gradon's death, and she took her own life after consuming cocaine and alcohol.

Her body was found by her then boyfriend, Aaron Armstrong and his brother. Just days after Sophie's funeral, Aaron was too found dead. He was said to be devastated by Sophie's death and his death was not treated as suspicious.

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Aaron Armstrong and Sophie Gradon together

Coroner Eric Armstrong found Aaron had alcohol and cocaine in his system when he died, saying the effects of the substances had prevented him from thinking rationally.

Sophie had been exchanging texts that were "very general and loving in nature" with Aaron days before her death, the inquest heard.

The inquest into Sophie Gradon's death had been due to take place last month, but her family demanded a new investigation into her sudden death. New information emerged, and other explanations for the Love Island star’s death were being investigated by the family’s lawyers. The family said they did not believe the death was caused by suicide. Sophie's parents were not present at the inquest to her death today.

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