Parts of the UK will be hotter than Spain and Portugal this weekend!!!


Get your summer wardrobe ready as you hit pub gardens and parks this weekend. Some parts of the UK will be hotter than Spain and Portugal on Saturday.

We were promised a three month heatwave three weeks ago starting in April and then it got really, really cold.

But it looks like this Easter weekend is actually going to be super hot as UK will see highs of 22C!!!

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Warm air from the Mediterranean will make some parts of the UK warmer than Majorca this weekend, after we had a “Scandinavian shiver.”

It might even beat the warmest day of the year so far which was 21C in February, which was not worrying at all.

The weather will improve throughout the week to give a dry and warm bank holiday weekend throughout much of the country, according to the Met Office.

Forecaster Craig Snell said: “It will feel much more like spring by midweek as we lose the cold feed, with 16C by Wednesday and temperatures rising.

“The Easter weekend looks dry with sunny spells for most, with potential for a south-easterly flow. It’s not clear what temperatures will be, but it will certainly feel warm and pleasant in the sunshine.”

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Just to be extra petty, these are the places which will be colder than the UK this weekend:

– Barcelona, Spain

– Venice, Italy

– Amman, Jordan

– Nice, France

– Faro, Portugal

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